What its like living with T1D?

Living with T1D can be hard at times, but Im glad I got the disease. Ive met many new friends,and become a stronger person. Although when I get stressed out, my sugars go wacky, Im still alive and have a purpose. If I wasn’t diagnosed with T1D I don’t think i could imagine my future, or even what life would be like now. Living with T1D can be easy, when sugars and insulin ratios balance out, but its when life gets in the way is when things can go from good to bad. Sometimes, I get frustrated when my sugars are high, or I feel sick because of eating and not dosing. Sometimes I hate having to eat food to stay alive when Im low, and I hate the feeling of being shaky and seeming helpless. Im curious What your thoughts are on what living with T1D is like? Because I’m curious who all thinks the same way, and why.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi I’ve had T1D for 15 years and am so thankful I was diagnosed at 4 1/2. I never knew any other way to live so it was easy to adjust. My parents were so calm and good about helping me treat it that when I was 5 I told my school nurse that come next year, I would be doing my own shots. She laughed and kinda said okay but I did just that one year later. Yes, sometimes it sucks to worry about extra snack and supplies when you go on vacation or are even spending the night at a friend’s house or when you have to account for the weather and physical activity but I’ve been super lucky to have a strong support system. My friends are cool with it and even say they tend to forget I have T1D because I take care of it so well, although they know what to do if something happens. Out of all the diseases out there, I feel lucky to have one where it’s not obvious I have it and it’s highly manageable as well as has come a long way in treatment.

To be completely honest, right now living with this disease sucks. I don’t understand how some people think it is a blessing I get that it made us stronger, but I definitely do not think that this is a blessing in the slightest. Maybe I am just young and pissed off at why this is happening to me but I don’t want to imagine my future with diabetes. Every time I do, I get very upset and sad. I don’t want to have this for forever and the future makes me pissed off that I have to live with this. I would rather be normal like all my friends and not have to worry about shots and what I can and cannot eat because of celiac disease. I understand that this is pretty much better than some of the worser things out there but why do I have to have anything at all? Why can’t I just be a healthy teenager? Maybe my thoughts will change over time, and I hope they do so I’m not so angry at the world all the time, but being 14 years old and having diabetes for over half of my life I just want it to go away.

Just my thoughts :slight_smile:

I feel bad about posting in here… because I am very much not a Teen, so excuse me.

@jaydenreed, I hear you. I was angry and then depressed about diabetes for many years. I still don’t quite know how to totally wrap my head around a chronic disease, but I did learn a few things the hard way. first - anger solves nothing. anger and depression are part of a grieving process and it doesn’t matter if you lost your goldfish, your best friend, your parent, or your health, it’s a loss and anger is part of dealing with it. If you don’t address your anger you get stuck with it a very long long time. depression is common with diabetes because it’s a chronic disease.

you can plan for the future but be flexible, not one of us knows what it’s really going to be like. Don’t wish your life away waiting for a cure, I lost a lot of my life to waiting for the cure that was just around the corner. I never stopped hoping, I did stop counting days though,

diabetes isn’t a punishment (it took me almost forever to come up with that). it’s just a bit of bad programming and it wasn’t anything you did or anything you didn’t do. if you frame your life around “never” “forever” “Always” you run a big risk of depression. if you do feel depressed please talk to a parent or someone at school.

shaking off the anger isn’t as hard as it seems, it helps me to get involved, do something good, or help someone. A small thing like a JDRF walk or a bigger thing like being a counselor at camp (a huge thing maybe a counselor at diabetes camp?) might be something that could help you put this bad thing in perspective. i’ll shut up now.

I had diabetes since 2012… and from now, I am still having a hard time with things. From taking my insulin and watching what I eat. This new change is just too much to handle for me. Plus dealing with other things in life. I always ask myself if this life I live is even worth staying alive for… I don’t know…

I was diagnosed in 2011. I also am still struggling with figuring out how much insulin to take and keeping up with checking my blood sugars and everything. It isn’t something that you just adjust to right away. Sometimes it takes longer than others and sometimes we get off track. Life gets in the way and we forget that our health should be number one priority. Without our health we can’t really do much in our lives. I know that it is hard and I understand that sometimes you just want to give up and give in but honestly, you can gain so much in your life once you push through all the bs. Your life is ALWAYS worth living. Always. No matter what obstacle or crappy day that you are having. There is always hope for a better day.
Tell yourself everyday that you are stronger than yesterday. That you are the one who is in control and can overcome this disease. Don’t let it control your life like that. Just the fact that you are here and you are fighting gives hope to others. We are all strong for living with T1D.

Living with diabetes isn’t the worst thing, but it’s also not the best. Especially when you are diagnosed at age 9 years old and have no idea what your body is doing to you except betraying you.
I am a Type 1 diabetic and have had diabetes for about 6 years. I am 15, and as you can imagine, it’s hard seeing my friends eat what they want in whatever quantities they want whenever they want. I mess up on my diabetes a lot,trying to fit in with my friends, so I am in the hospital a lot. It sucks.
Yes, I know what can happen when you don’t take care of yourself, and what it looks like. Yes, I know that for most people, the pump is a lifesaver, but I’m not ready for that trial again( I was on the pump and it didn’t work out for me).
I’d you ask me, diabetes is a struggle, but I am glad it’s not something that’s worse.