What kind of candy you avoid on Halloween....and what kind you hand out?

OK.....i wana know from everyone is this.....what kind of candy you avoid (I avoid all except sugar-free chocolate-but only a little) and what kind of candy you hand out on Halloween (I hand out low fat or fat free candy or toosie rolls)? Thanks

i'm pretty non-discriminatory when it comes to halloween candy. i'll shove it all in my mouth... as long as it's not toffee. or coconut. gross. i think the sugar-free stuff tastes icky and if you eat too much it makes you poop, so i stick with the real stuff.

we have no less than a billion kids come to our door, so we'll spend $40 on the cheapest candy we can find (the kind where you can get a whole lot of candy for just a little money) and hand that out until it's gone (which only takes about 30 minutes). it usually ends up being something like nerds or laffy taffy. i don't think we're going to hand out candy any more, though, because people started van-ing craptons of kids into our neighborhood. it's pretty much a nightmare.

i remember one year my dog got out on trick-or-treat night and she was so excited about people EVERYWHERE that she didn't know who to go and lick first, so she just kind of ran around in circles and peed everywhere. i chased her down the street until a group of kids started petting her and she got too distracted to run away from me. she was leashed every halloween after that :D

there's very little candy i WON'T eat on halloween..

the BIG no-no in my book is anything Sugar-free or Low Fat. That stuff makes me ill and I'd rather eat real sugar, and regular fat content than chemicals to make up for the lack of sugar/fat.


I sadly, live in an apartment this year so I won't be handing out candy. I might go to my parent's for the evening(not planning on going out at all, have work to do) but at their place there aren't a lot of kids...so we usually end up eating most of the candy mom buys.

I've come to accept the fact that I have NO willpower at Halloween whatsoever and I eat chocolate for like a week straight.

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Owhat kind of candy you avoid (I avoid all except sugar-free chocolate-but only a little)


Ha, that's actually the only kind I avoid. It taste bad and has carbs anyways, so I figure why take insulin for something I don't like!

When I'm low, I'm a big fan of twizzlers! (:

I think that changing to the pump has made halloween "not so bad" after 20 years!  I give out stuff that I don't mind having leftovers of at the house (peanut butter cups, mounds bars)

I avoid any sugar free candy.  Handing out tootsie rolls, smarties, tootsie pops  (low fat items) sound like a good idea vs. just getting all candy bars.  Butterfingers are my favorite so they disappear from the candy bowl first.

i agree with you on this one big time!!

my doctor even said to make sure not to get the low fat and "sugar free" crap becuase if you look at the low fat nutiritonal guide at the carbohydrates its more and more sugar. also with the "sugar free" its more carbohydrates and a lot of sugar alcohol which is basically the same thing as sugar.

I stay 100% away from sugar free nonsense--I learned that lesson the hard way one week after being diagnosed.  BLECH. 

I pretty much eat whatever:

Nerds, Snickers, Milky Way (mmm), Kit Kat, Milk Duds, Babe Ruths, Candy Corn (mmmm), Laffy Taffy, Reese's (Pieces too), and whatever else that is manufactured with REAL sugar and doesn't have coconut, or twizlers anywhere near the ingredients...or title. 

Diabetic coma, nah...just 'Pump it Up'  :-D

well last night after trick or treating i had a big bag of candy without like even bolusing for it really i bolused about 1.5 and it was like nerds snickers milky ways everything you can think of and i checked about three hours after and it was 112 =) if you really think about it depending upon how much walking you do while trick or treating helps you be able to eat more candy 

We got a big bag of candy for the trick-or-treaters, and we made sure there wasn't anything in it that would be hugely tempting to me (or my husband, actually).  We got it pretty early, so I used some of it to treat lows... that was a chance to enjoy a little candy without actually consuming extra sugar.

In general, I'll treat myself to a favorite "real" candy on occasion.  Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are soooooo gooooood, and I think I'd eventually go nuts and eat like a dozen at once if I tried to ban them from my life entirely.  I just don't keep them around, because I'd eat them all the time if I did!

We eat it if we like it and I hand out what I like so I can eat it too lol