What kind of site does everyone use?

Okay, so if you read my last post, I'm having some trouble with the site I'm using. Right now I use the Accu-chek Ultraflex. I really want a site that I don't really have to watch carefully as it goes in. I just want to be able to swiftly but the site in without watching the needle too much.

So what sites do ya'll use?

I have a deltec cozmo pump so I think most sites will work with it.

i use the  one touch ping by Animas. and i don't have to worry about the sets or the sites I use

I use the Cleo 90.  It's got a built-in inserter that covers the needle so you don't have to watch it.  It's the easiest set I've ever used, and I've tried all the Minimed sets.

They'll work with the Cozmo.  You can get some more info here: http://www.smiths-medical.com/landing-pages/promotions/md/cleo-home.html

I use the inset 30 for my Animas Ping, and I've had really good luck so far.  The CDE who did my "pump start" training said angled sets like that are far less likely to kink and bend, plus you can see where it entered your skin once you're done.

It's pretty quick, and very easy to see what you're doing (unless you're putting it somewhere hard to see, I guess!).  Once I've done the IV prep, I can open the infusion set and have the site done within a minute... And I'm pretty new at this, so it'll probably be much faster for a more experienced pumper!

i have the Dana Diabecare II so any site will work.

i use the inset (not 30), and i love it. the inserter is great, it doesn't hurt, i haven't had ny kinking problems (though i've been told that, too). I switched from the comfort shorts which are manually inserted, hurt a lot more, and are not green, and i love the insets. 

I use Sure-T sets with ny Minimed. i think there are Sure-T's that are adapted for the Amimas pump too. I have used them for 3 years and they have never failed.

I use the Silhouette by Minimed. Though I've never used an inserter with this particular infusion site, I have had too many negative experiences with inserters  causing kinks in the past therefore being able to see and control the needle/cannula penetration is quite comforting to me. I really like the variable angle on the cannula too.

I use the Comfort infusion sets by Smiths Medical.  They're the only infusion sets I've ever used (and they're manual).  The idea of using an automatic inserter kind of freaks me out... haha.

I use the Quik Set with my minimed pump.  I have always liked it because it is not angled.  It is 90 degrees which works better for me.  You can't see it go in and the trigger on the inserter is great.  Plus, they now have the same sets that are "all in one".  The inserter comes attached to the sites so everything is disposable.  That is good for me because I forget my inserter a lot and have to manually insert.  That is never a good thing!!

I have a the animas ping and I use inset site. They go in really easy and you don't really see the needle.

I use the Quicksets and I love them.  They're pretty much the same as the Insets I think, but the Insets have a disposable inserter and the Quicksets require a reusable inserter.  Other than that, they are both 90-degree insertions and you do not see the needle when inserting them.  However, I don't think that you can use Insets with a MM pump.

MM has a new 90 degree site with a disposable inserter... the mio (http://www.minimed.com/products/infusionsets/mio.html) I prefer 90 degree insertion, and I like these to be automatic... they're too... complicated for me to want to do it by hand.

I haven't tried the mio out yet but i got some free samples, they're nice because they're so "grab and go" in their hard shell (which is the disposable inserter), versus the quickset packaging which is kinda delicate.

I use the inset and they are grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!  So easy to insert and they come in different colors!

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I use the inset and they are grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!  So easy to insert and they come in different colors!


you had me at "different colors" 


I use the inset 30 from Animas, love it, would never use anything else! Easy, comfortable, and you don't see much of the needle!