What makes you smile about JDRF?

What makes you smile about JDRF?  JDRF is the beneficiary of a new campaign this holiday season, and we need your help!  Tell us in this thread what makes you smile about JDRF, and your response could end up featured in The World Smiles campaign.  When the campaign launches, we’ll let you know so you can see if your response was included.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Also, if you can provide a picture or image to post along with your post that would be great! Maybe of you smiling??? haha


No matter what the weather the MinnDakota Loon-A-Ticks bike team for the Ride to Cure Diabetes makes me smile! We have a great time, for a great cause! We always have on our "Bike Face!"

For the local chapter the staff and the support! The walks are amazing also!

What about JDRF makes me smile? That's easy

JDRF makes me smile because I know that the foundation is dedicated to spreading type 1 advocacy, promoting diabetes education, and most importantly, finding a cure.




Ya know I was thinking this very thing - the amazing ride team of the Loon- A - Ticks -and then I scroll down and there you all are! HUGS Christine!

I will add that what makes me smile is the promise of a cure my son felt after completing the 100 mile ride at La Crosse.   The ride brings together amazing people - those with Type 1 who live healthy and strong and those that support them, all working toward a personal challenge and a community goal of finding a cure.  This combination is inspiring and empowering.

It has made me smile because i have changed and i feel better and happier that i know that people are willing to help me and everyone else who need stuff!!!      PROOF OF HAPPINESS!!!

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What about JDRF makes me smile? That's easy



I agree with Keith !!!   Plus I love the sneaker logo !!!  : )   I wish I could buy a fathead of the logo I'd hang it on the wall in my room !!