What month was your diagnosis?

My daughter was diagnosed May 20th.

We met a girl a few blocks over diagnosed on May 20th.

A girl at my daughter's diabetes camp today told us she was diagnosed May 19th.

A small sample but is there something behind this coincidence?




Sarah was diagnosed March 18th.

december 23

An unspecified day in April.

January 28 1998

i was diagnosed sept 30 2009


June 11, 2010.

April 29, 2005


everyone who lives where i live who is a type one diabetic has all been diagnosed sometime in the fall


I was read somewhere that there is a seasonal trend in diagnosing type 1 that has lead some to think that a seasonal virus may be the cause.

I was aug. As a matter of fact it'll be 2 years aug./ 03 / 2010. Summer season for me!

That is strange. I was diagnosed January 6th of this year.


may 21 :)


august 8

My daughter was December 15th of 09.

September 1st

September 8th, 1998.