What pump should I get?

I'm working on getting a pump right now... :)

any ideas on what one i should i get?

personally i love the medtronic paradigm 722. its a great pump and i love it but it is the only pump i have had experience with.

medtronic mini-med 522/722


Unique Advantages

Potential Drawbacks

Ì       Company in pump business 20+ years

Ì       Links with optional Continuous Glucose Monitor

Ì       Quickest/simplest bolus programming

Ì       Can program bolus by unit entry even when “bolus wizard” calculator is turned on

Ì       Slim/streamlined attachable clip

Ì       Optional remote control (@ addl. cost)

Ì       Low reservoir alert in units or hrs left

Ì       Radio frequency communication with up to 3 BD blood glucose meters

Ì       Easily downloadable to online Carelink program for complete data analysis

¾      Volatile RAM – memory can be lost

¾      Not water-tight

¾      No food database

¾      Must use proprietary infusion sets

¾      Slowest bolus delivery

¾      25-Unit maximum bolus

¾      Smallest bolus increment is .1 units

¾      Backlight “flashes” during programming

¾      Must pay for loaner/backup pumps

¾      Holds 180 units; 300-unit version is slightly larger

¾      Short battery life (avg 2-3 weeks)


also since being on the medtronic paradigm 722 my A1C has gone from about 10 to 7.3 =) the lowest it has ever been.