What’s the BEST tasting sugar substitute?

I’ve tried so many … ALL have a ridiculous after taste … my daughter loves cream of wheat with butter/sugar I’m trying to find a sub for sugar because the C of W has so many carbs alone. Any suggestions?

Stevia doesn’t seem to leave an aftertaste. It’s a bit more expensive tho. Yellow (I think that’s Sucralose) is second (in my opinion). Have you thought of fruit instead of any sugar? Frozen bananas and cinnamon in C of W, mmmmmm. Or maybe frozen blueberries or strawberries. Healthier.

Of course, bananas have a high glycemic index, so use sparingly. Cinnamon is supposed to help regulate BG. Just a thought.

Thanks… she won’t eat fruit in anything… she’s a super picky eater… I’ve spent so much money on sugar subs I’m about to give up…and I can’t give them ( sugar subs) away nobody else likes them either…:joy:

I use Truvia in my coffee. I get a huge box of packets at Costco for a lot less than most places I have looked.

STEVIA. I buy the 275 gram bags at around $5 to $6. Supposedly equivalent to about 1.5 cups sugar. But honestly, I’ll use a teaspoon of sugar on cereal or a dash on some fruits.

Stevia and Truvia are both AMAZING. :smiley:

I use Truvia as well. I have little packets for using on my cereal & have a big bag of PureVia for baking.

Splenda is the best tasting for me It is just lighter and need more compared to regular sugar