What’s the highest your A1C has been?

How high has your A1C been? My highest was 10.3

14.3 when I went in the hospital

8.6 when I was eating my little nephew’s snacks and also working overtime, plus school.

Started my dia-journey at 14.6
I was so dumb I actually asked the MD if that was a good number.
His response was to send me upstairs to the endocrinology department.

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@AJZimmerman it is a good a1c if you are comparing it to 16%

@Bplaiho, I didn’t check my blood sugar, at all, for 15 years straight. I dunno… maybe my highest was a million.

We should consider that hba1c is a time weighted average, over the average life of a red blood cell. A high number doesn’t mean you are stupid or bad… it’s just a number.

Also, you can have an a1c of 5.9% and still have #^# highs and lows all day long, so it isn’t a measure of how good you are doing either.

I’ve always been below 9. But when I was a pre-teen, my doctor told me that he had kids who were too embarrassed to care for themselves at school and they had A1Cs in the 12s, 13s and 14s. I was just like those kids - I didn’t want other students seeing my pump or seeing me test my blood sugar. Somehow I always kept my A1C under 9 though.

I should probably mention that I often feel A1Cs are often based on luck. Maybe you have a bad couple of weeks because the infusion sets in that new box aren’t working as well as they should be, or maybe the rain last week made you cancel your morning jog three days in a row … A lot of odd things can happen that can make for a “bad” month. A1Cs don’t tell us a whole lot.