What’s Your Transmitter Battery Charge %

I’m trying to gauge how my Medtronic 670 G transmitter battery is doing. If you have Medtronic, what percentage of battery strength do you have with 4 days left?

I’m trying to use my current one until my pump warranty expires in Jan. If I switch to different CGM (Dexcom) in Jan., will my insurance cover a new transmitter, if I get a new one right now now? I don’t want to get a new one if it’s not necessary. Thanks for any tips or if you encountered this, I’ve already talked to Medtronic.

Hi @HighHopes . You could check with Dexcom’s device rep - since they coordinate coverage they probably know the answer. If worst came to worst you would have to finish out the transmitter: Dexcom’s last 3 months - is it the same for Medtronic? I’ve kept using my pump for a bit after the warranty expired (for financial reasons) and had no problems. Unless there is some rule I’m unaware of, switching right away is more for peace of mind than anything else. And if it did fail I imagine you could switch over to Dexcom at that point.
All the best - enjoy the holiday!

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Ok. I have already spoke with Medtronic rep, but it wasn’t very helpful. I don’t think he understood the situation. He referred me to another dept to help me get a new one, but I don’t want a new one if I can get another couple of months on this one. I did an early preemptive sensor change today, even though I had two days left. My Transmitter battery was at 62. After fully charging this afternoon I am now showing battery at 87%.

Maybe Dexcom could help too. I’ll explore it. Thanks. I hope had a great day too!