What spikes your sugar?

hey guys,

what foods really spike your sugar, even though you've given insulin for it?

I've posted about this before, but I need a lot more responses. I'm doing a research project for a class and am looking for some sort of correlation between foods that make our sugars skyrocket.

I'd really appreciate your guys' help!


Pizza and progressive soup.  Chocoate doesn't spike my blood sugar but other candy does.

High carb foods such as bread and pasta!

Juices, smoothies, sweets. I had no idea smoothies did that until my dietician told me. Fruit and veggie smoothies just to be specific.

Bread is my killer spike food!

Breakfast Cereal spikes me soooo fast!  Novolog never has a chance in that race. =)

OH Ryan, I forgot about cereal yup me too ! has I have to bolus at least a half hour before cereal! That worked like a charm while I was pregnant!

White rice is the worst for me.  It seems to require more insulin per gram of carbohydrate than any other food.

pasta and pizza for me i once had 30 grams in pasta when i was low once and didnt want the insulin and at midnight i shot up bad mistake i did there lol

Ebgineer makes a good point. White rice seems to be very bad for us type ones. If anything they say to eat brown rice and not white. I was at an Animas conference once and it was brought up and they really try to make you avoid eating it. Definitely spikes the blood sugar, I can relate to that.

Chicken Shawarma on white and pita chips w hummus

Pretty spikey combo for me


Peanut butter jelly sandwiches! And my friend says that pizza spikes hers, not really happened to me!

white rice, any pasta, and english muffins<odd but true lol


English muffins? Really! I have them down to a science! very rarely spike with them!

haha ya it seriously must have to do with my heart attack then cause it makes me spike more than grape juice! lol i dont get it!!!!