What sport do you play?

hey guys,  i'm new to juvenation.  the site is pretty cool... i've had type 1 since i was 11, but i play 3 sports. what sport does everyone else play?

I play soccer. :D

i play softball iused to play field hockey this was my last yr for it but instead next yr im gonna try tennis it seems like a fun sport!

I paly basketball,hockey and soccer

oh yea i play football, hockey and baseball....

Rugby :)

hey whats up,i play soccer baseball and basketball.what about yall?


I play soccer, softball, run some XC, and am a roller-blader.

And show choir!

(That's sooooooo a sport! :) )

I play Volleyball, Track and soccer

I run cross country and track :)

I coach softball,  my daughter plays.  It gives me just enough exercise for me.

I play lots of sports for fun ... But my favorite is Softball. And thats the one im most good at..!!!=)

I play soccer

i run XC, play basketball, and run track and field for my high school

i play basketball and soccer..

soccer <33 its my lifee

and i'm starting lacrosse

I play gymnastics, volley ball, soccer and basket ball i love sports!! :)

Soccer,volleyball, cross country, And softball

I coach (HS and Club) and play soccer.  I also have recently started trying adventure races and did the Mens Health Urbanathlon in NYC on 10/29.

Hi Scott,  What does the adventure race entail?  It sounds very challenging.