What stages did everyone start seeing insulin resistance?


I am Type 1 and 8 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first pregnancy. NERVOUS! Up until now, I was mostly battling lows, but the last few mornings I have been running a little higher. This morning I woke up at 127. 1 hour later I was still 127 and 2 hours after that- 127. I treated each one, upped my basal slightly and went for a walk. I just want to eat breakfast!!!

Did anyone else start having resistance around 8-9 weeks?

Mine def started from the get go- I’ve been going to my endo weekly for updates and increases. Be prepared- I’m using a TON of insulin and I’m just now 30 weeks

Mine went through the roof around the same time everyone else gets the glucose test. I ended up taking 3x my usual daily insulin at the end! Keep talking to your endo- that was so helpful for me! And one CDE told me it’s a good sign to see insulin resistance because it means the placenta is working as expected.

Okay, awesome!! Thank you so much!!!

Okay great! Thank you for the heads up!! And congratulations! You’re almost there!