What supplements have worked for you and what were your results?

I am new to this site... it has been wonderful to find other type 1s. All the diabetics that I know are type 2s... I have recently begun experimenting with supplements to help with pain from my neuropathy. So far a combination of Alpha Lipoic Acid, Fish Oil, and large doses of Vitamin C have seemed to help. Does anyone else think that supplements are helping them? If so which ones and how have they helped you?  

Hi Anne - while I don't have neuropathy, I have kept up on research etc.  I have heard that acetyl-L-carnitine was also helpful with treatment however, what you are doing with the Alpha Lipoic seems to the the #1 supplement.  The Acetyl  is taken in conjunction with the Alpha.  I thought the Acetyle was mainly for mood but I've seen a few things saying it's helps with nerve pain as well.  Might want to take a look at it.  Be well.

Thanks Doug, I will try adding the acetyl and see -- I could use a boost in my mood as well -- been having "diabetes burnout" lately -- so far finding this site has helped my mood some as I realize that I am not alone with this disease... Thanks again for the valuable input! -- Anne

You know, my experience with vitamin C wasn't very good. I always felt like I was running ketones, and I would also feel like my BG was high. I take vitamin D and flax seed oil like crazy (flax seed oil).

Oh, and this one may seem a little odd, but I cook with a lot of garlic and cinnamon (not at the same time...bleagch). I swear they help, somehow...