What they don't tell you when you young and newly dx'ed

I was Dx'ed in 1987 with Type 1 and was floored I was 19 and scared to death. I spent the first 3 years crying horribly each and every time I had to take a shot. But I got through it all although mostly alone. I am married with 2 adult kids and 0 friends. For the last 2 years I have been in and out of the hospital more times than I can count. Each time the same thing Nausea and Vomiting so badly at times I rip some little tub between tummy and intestines Bleeding badly. All due to high sugars and now the nerves are dieing. They don't tell you things like this when your young. Five years ago I was put on a pump hopeful that I could avoid future problems. Unfortunatly I was too late. I have pain so bad that I have no life anymore. And Dr's that really don't give a rat's butt about my pain and that continues the cycle of high sugars cuz I hurt so bad and controlling my sugars with insulin only and no pain meds is dangerous.

Sorry I ramble just frustrated as I just got out of the hospital on Friday.

Thanks for letting me ramble on.


It sounds like you need a new doctor to help you with your pain. Maybe someone where can make suggestions.

I'm so sorry you're going through this.  When you're in pain it's hard to focus on anything, including getting better blood sugars.  Like Terry said, talk to a new doctor.  Ask specifically about being referred to a pain management clinic.  

I'd also recommend you find a good endocrinologist to help you with your diabetes.  Dealing with gastroparesis or other digestive/nerve diabetes complications can make blood sugar mangement tough and you need all the help available.

Jenna you would be a great CDE if you aren't one already!

Wow I needed that encouragement today!  Thank Terry.

I hope to be a CDE someday and am taking prereq classes for nursing school.  But I'm almost 40 and have a family and it's dauting to give up a well paying job to attend school full-time for a year.  

I'm a Christian and have been praying for God to keep opening the doors for me if that's what I'm supposed to do.  So God willing, I will be a diabetes educator in about 2 years.  In the meantime I love learning and hearing from other people on juvenation and other websites.  I've learned more here than I have in 35 years of meeting with doctos and CDEs.  It's a great community.  

these are the reasons why I want to become a doctor. The future problems that people can get if diabetes is not properly treated scares me and if those problems can be avoided by telling patients these things can happen if not careful and by helping them find a way to manage it in a way that can make them feel better about themselves then thats what doctors need to do. I think women doctors tend to feel more sympathy because they usually take more time to actually talk to their patients and understand whats going on. You shouldn't appoligize for telling this story. It's a story that people who dont know anything about diabetes need to know. It's stories like yours that inspire people like me, who dont have diabetes, to fight for a cure for diabetes. Anyone who fights diabetes is a true hero to me and I pray for all of you

Hi Tracy, you are practically my diabetes twin.  :)  I was diagnosed in 1988 at age 20.  I'm now married with 3 kids.  I had a doctor that would always Start with the whole "You've got diabetes so you're going to die if you don't do exactly what I say..." thing.  Then it would decline from there.  I've been much happier since switching docs.  My symptoms and conditions aren't exactly like yours, but I'm hoping things have improved for you since you posted this last year.  Keep in touch if you'd like to compare notes.

When I was diagnosed in 2004, (age, 19)  I was told before leaving the hospital by a nurse I needed to have my eyes checked. She said there might be damage and I could go blind. What she didn't elaborate on was the fact that this happens after years of high blood sugars.  Approaching my 9th year and still no eye damage!