What to do with expired G5 sensors?

I switched to the G6 CGM and have one box of G5 sensors that I did not use. I have searched for a place to donate the sensors but have not found any. I finally ran into this website. The sensors expired in November 2018. Is there any use for them or any place that will still take them for any reason? Or do I just need to trash them? I wanted to ask before I threw them away. Thanks for any information anyone can offer!

@msflutewv Hi Lynette and Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! We hope that you find this site interesting, that you find information useful for you, and that you will visit often and share your diabetes wisdom.

I suspect that several visitors here will take those valuable sensors off your hands, or if you want to find someone near you who migh benefit from them, you could bring them to a JDRF Chapter meeting near you. At the meetings I attend, there is a table set aside where we put our no-longer-needed diabetes supplies and equipment.

You can find a Chapter near you by selecting the “Events” tab at the top of this page, select “JDRF Near You” and enter your zip code.

I could use the g5 senors please.

Hi, BrittanyRoy90 ~

They are yours! Please give me an address to send them and I will send them COD. I should be able to have them in the mail on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.


I will message you with my email address so I can send you my address

Use them… or give to someone that needs them