What to do with old meters, refillable pens, lancet devices? + Recycling

So I am cleaning out below the sink the other day because the plumber is coming, and I come across two shoebox size plastic bins I have that are full of old stuff - lancets and matching devices,  the insulin pens you use with cartridges, and I know I have at least one and probably three extra meters under 5 years old.

Anyone have a good source on how to get these into the hands of people who need them?

Also, does your doctor recycle the bottles that the bg strips come in?  I am bothered by all the waste - why can't someone come up with a bottle that keeps 50 or 100 bg strips useable?


get in contact with your local diabetes association office. they will be able to tell you what is donatable to people in need(probably just means dropping it off to their office), what can be thrown away/what can be recycled and how/where to do that.

Yes, it is a problem getting rid of the old stuff.  I have given unused supplies to the diabetes eductor for families in need and that works well.  Ask at diabetes support gropus, often the type 2's will use old glucometers since they don't use them as much as type 1's in general.  Also many medical missions that go to other countries collect and distribute them.