What type of exercise do you do and how often?

I use Turbo Jam (I love it), exercise/balance ball, a puching bag, a treadmill and also the wii fit and sports.

 I exercise 2- 10 min. days, 2- 20 min. days and 1- 45 min. day.

I love my Wii Fit! I wish i had better balance though!

The wii fit is a great way to exercise without actually thinking you are exercising because it's fun!

I want a Wii Fit! Do you guys like it?

I love it because it gives you options for exercising and it's fun. You have yoga, strength, balance, cardio to choose from. It's kinda fun to have your initial Wii fit age when you first start your profile and watch as it improves over the next few workouts. Wii fit age is your ability to balance, react and respond to random tests. If you get you'll love it too, Gina. The Wii in general is a great way to stay active.

I will try to get it then! and let you know what i think! maybe I can tape it lol

My wife is getting a Wii Fit for here birthday.  If it turns out to be fun, I'll have no more excuses ("it's too hot outside" or "it's too cold outside" or "it's allergy season")

I try to rune/ do other cario everyday, although I end up doing it more like 5-6 times a week depending on how my schedule is at school.

Wii fit will be my next investment within the next few months, because I want to add better stretching and stuff to my routine.

I go to the gym 6 times a week, Cardio for 30 minutes and weights when I feel like it.  I don't like weights.  haha

I really want a Wii Fit, I've done one before and it was fun! 

I've heard of some people going high when they excersise, I always get low, I turn my pump to 50% for an hour, and make sure I'm at least 120 before I start. 

Do you guys get high or low?

Wii Fit has been great for me!!  I found that in the past few years (I've been T1 for 9), I've had trouble controlling my blood sugar when I exercise (it would go up and I would start feeling crappy, but if I gave myself insulin before exercising, it would crash) so I basically stopped going to the gym.  Luckily I didn't gain much weight, but I still didn't feel good about myself.  Enter Wii Fit.  It is so much fun!  It has shorter aerobic exercises, which is a great way to get started and it has yoga and strength training as well.  Sometimes I even forget I'm exercising, it's so fun!

You don't have to tell ME about Wii fit!!!  I love it!!!  Besides, the only "JIM" I know is not a "GYM"...  LOL

[quote user="Jenny"]

I've heard of some people going high when they excersise, I always get low, I turn my pump to 50% for an hour, and make sure I'm at least 120 before I start. 

Do you guys get high or low?


I usually get high when I have a high intensity workout or practice. I've gone low a couple of times, but more often than not, I'm high following a good workout. The handful of times I've gone low are probably because I was < 100 going into practice/the gym.

I guess I'm different from Jenny in that when I'm doing all of this, I disconnect from my pump. I find that it's a pain in the butt to have on my hip while running because the clip always falls off from my mammoth weight hitting the treadmill :P Also, it's impossible to stay connected and play any type of contact sport...at least without risking damage to your pump. If it's a rugby day, I'll test after our warmups to make sure my number is still good, and if not I'll reconnect to correct the high, or pop a few glucose tabs if I'm low.

I have a Wii Fit, and while I can play "Rabbid" games with my "butt" on the balance board, my neuropathy makes it very difficult to get the proper balance to do any of the "fit" exercises. I wish I could solve this problem.

I ride horses and bike for exercise.

As for whether or not to reduce insulin delivery, I find that if I reduce my basal or stop it, I quickly deplete my insulin and go high. Instead I take carbs, usually 12 oz. OJ for 30 min exercise, with no bolus for the carbs. If I am high at the time, I add a bolus for the high only.

This usually leaves me at 100-120 after exercise.

i am jealous of all of you with Wii fit..I want one so bad! (I guess I gotta get a Wii again though..haha). I wouldn't let it replace the gym..but I think it would be good for those times I don't feel like leaving the house to go to the gym!

40-minute brisk 2-mile walk, outside most of the time through my neighborhood with my mom. when raining/snowing same thing but on our elliptical

I usually disconnect from my pump when I do any kinds of exercises, and I still find myself getting low afterwards...maybe I need to lower my basal rate 1 hour before I work out and don't put my pump back on until about 1 hour after I work out, since your body is still active even after you workout....not sure...but I wish I could just figure this out and do the same thing that works for me every time.... I am sick of having to eat to treat my lows after a workout....totally defeating the purpose! :)

I just purchased 2 new Wii fitness games, Jillian Michaels fitness ultimatum and Gold's Gym cardio workout. I have not used them yet but will soon, I'll post my opinion after a few sessions. I thought it was time to try a new program just for fun. Has anyone used either of these titles, what did you think? Another program I saw that will be released soon is EA Sports Active (comes out 5/19/09) it looks like it might be beneficial also.

Another new game that is the sequel to Wii Sports is Wii Sports Resort to be released on 7/26/09 looks pretty cool also.

When your blood sugars run high after exercise, you may want to mention it to your doctor. Check your ketones. I had the same issues, I had actually lost a substantial amount of weight, but my blood sugars would not regulate, and I felt sick all the time. It was actually ketoacidosis. When you have ketoacidosis, exercise actually makes your blood sugars go higher. It is something I do not fully understand, but you should check your ketones, and if high, see a doctor. Don't exercise with high ketones.

I used to do the elliptical about 3x/week, but recently I have been getting more into running. I started 3 weeks ago on a 9 week program to work myself up to a 5k race (3.2 miles). I normally go low after exercise, but I almost never feel low while I'm running. I also make sure I eat a snack before I start and do about a 65% temporary rate.