What type of Ketone Strips do you use?

I am wondering what type of Ketone Strips that other T1D use?

Cassanne I use the bllod ketone meter by Precision. I’ve learned that blood measurement of ketones is more precise and u don’t have to wait for ketones to build up to a measurable quantity in ur urine. My Endos office likes blood measurement much better too where it’s more accurate!!

Plus the strips are individually wrapped unlike the urine dipsticks so they don’t expire all at once so u don’t waste a whole vial of dipstick especially when u’ve only used a few when sick!!

Hope that helps!!

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I haven’t used them since i was diagnosed. If you blood sugar is high for any extended period of time they are going to be elevated.

We use the TRUEplus ketone urine test strips but if we have any concerns or doubts we also then use our keto-mojo blood ketone meter. The blood ketone meter has saved us 2 trips to the ER already. It also indicated that I needed to take my daughter to the ER this past March. I’m grateful that blood ketone meters exist. They’re a much better indicator of what’s really going on with ketones.

Hyperglycemia [high body glucose level] and keto acidosis poisoning are not the same thing. It is very possible, and common, to have one of those conditions and not a sign of the other.
For anyone prone to acidosis, a good doctor can advise on this, it is always good to have a means to perform home check - either urine or blood.