What type of pump should I get?

My 7 yo son is newly diagnosed with T1D. What type of pump should I get him? We like to swim and play sports. Thanks!

My son is 7.5 and was diagnosed 1.5 years ago. 3 months after diagnosis, he went on a pump. My child is also very active and does a lot of swimming in the summer. We went with the Animas pump as it is water proof. We have a home owner’s insurance rider on it if anything were to happen. With that said, if he is swimming in the lake or ocean, we remove the pump as the insurance won’t cover for mishaps in lakes or oceans. We leave it on when he swims in a pool and the Animas has worked great. The pump also has a ping function for dosing which is handy when we are on the move. After using the Animas for over a year, we are very pleased with it.
Good luck.

My 8 yr old girl has been diagnosed 7 months…was 7 yrs old. We are considering the pump and a cgm. I’m concerned about having her in wires more and more pain. I guess the emotional side if it and then the other side if it with temp changes etc.

We could discuss insurance too. About to change and not sure the vest route to go. High deduct low premium…is it best? Or traditional insurance? If we get the pump now, deduct is already met but I’m not sure if I’m ready for it emotionally.


My daughter was diagnosed at 3 1/2 and has been on a pump for basically the whole time. We have always a medtronic pump and recently upgraded to a cgm. We spend a lot of time at the pool in the summer and we just take it off while we are there. She’s basically active enough that her blood sugars stay in range and have to watch more for a low. We get her insulin in cartridges so it works with a lily pen and can give her a shot when she has a snack . The new cgm with metronic has am awesome feature that when her bs gets to the low point with automatically suspend her pump and discontinue giving her insulin for 2 hours so she does not continue to go low … great feature. As far as the extra wires they rarely get in the way at all and she’s very active with dance and sports. In my opinion it beats talking multiple shots a day … especially for the little ones. Plus you are able to watch and manage their diabetes s lot closer. The cgm gives a reading every 5 minutes ! Do your research and talk to your doctor about them. …they’re are so many options with pumps, pump sites, and cgm.