What vitamins or supplements do you take daily?

we were told to take a multivitamin everyday. Is there anything out there that really helps lower or control blood sugar?

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 Is there anything out there that really helps lower or control blood sugar?


nope.  but I do take B12 because after a while with diabetes, B12 and D deficiencies are very common.

We use both a naturalist and traditional medical care. Our naturalist gave us several supplements, BUT I they never can take the place of proper testing/covering.

We use an herbal blend from Nature's Sunshine called HY-C, which helps with normal blood sugar. You may also want to try Noni Juice (only a tablespoon). Our naturalist gave it to us for "special" days like birthday parties...etc. where you know you may have excess sugar.

Again...use caution - always use your insulin as your endo/dr. prescribes...but I do think that traditional medicine and natural supplements can work together for better health!

Good luck!


Our naturalist gave us B-12 as well. That is good to know! :)

My Endo added B12 and vitamin D for me.  Helps your eyes and...something else...?

when i remember, i take a multivitamin i get from the herbal store.

otherwise i only take a herbal pill called "Immun-o First" which is an immune booster pill you take on an empty stomach that helps give you energy and such. i haven't noticed any change in my blood sugar though.

I just take a multivitamin for women and the endo. told me a study someone did for diabetics, which they were using cinammon everyday. They used 1tsp everyday for 3 months and it lowered their blood sugar by 3 points on a regular basis. So she recommonded that I try it and every since my sugars are on the high side but nothing like they used to be, but she recommonds 3 months on and 3 months off. I don't know why but that's what she said. And I like the fact it's not another pill.

You may want to talk it over with your endo. and see what they say about it. But good luck with it!!



Back on my soap box again.

B12 is good as studys show deficiency impedes nerve conductivity. I have taken it to help with neuropathy for nearly 30 years.

More important  for those of us with neuropathy, however, is Alpha Lipoic Acid. Germans have used it to treat neuropathy since the 50's. The Mayo clinic did a study in 2003 and found it did provide measurable improvement is neuropathy symptoms.

I have taken from 600mg/day and now 300 mg/day (due to eventual hypersensitivity of my skin) for the last 4 years. I have regained significant sensitivity in my feet, which were mostly numb before. I now feel grains of sand when I step on them, and even feel my toes again.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid has been found to improve endothelial function in blood vessels, which affects the risk of atherosclerosis. This complication we are prone to causes foot ulcers when we develop peripheral vascular disease in the feet (reduced blood flow), heart disease and raises the risk of retinopathy. My endo and my retina specialist recommended 2-3 grams of Omega 3 daily.

The big risk with Omega 3 capsules is getting mercury from fish derived supplements, so I only take capsules certified to free of heavy metals. My blood flow in my feet went from 30% normal to 75% normal in 2 years and my HDL cholesterol (the good one) doubled helping balance my LDL (the bad one).

Please do your own research on these and talk to your physician on there use in your case before you decide if these may be worth a try.


I take Alpha Lipoic Acid (400 mg) as well as an antioxidant.  A lot of research has been done on its positive effects for people with diabetes.

I also take vit. C, D, B-complex, Fish Oil, and Calcium...but not specifically because of diabetes.

Also B12, C, D and E.


Some folks responded here:  http://juvenation.org/groups/dietnutrition/forum/p/76/251.aspx#251  a while back...

Also, a quick note there were two items of Dr. Brownlee that I would recommend for those interested in Alpha Lipoic Acid and Benfotiamine:

1st is the Banting Lecture by Dr. Brownlee from 2004 because it explains a very likely mechanism for the unified cause of diabetes related complications

2nd is a human trial Dr. Brownlee did expanding on his early work in rats using a combination of Benfotiamine and Alpha Lipoic Acid with an explanation as to which mechanisms were watched and the results achieved

(I take both above items in the amounts specified in the 2nd mentioned trial).





I have been taking Madhusar (All natural) for four month. So I can definitely say YES there is an all natural product that does help control blood sugars








This sounds like an interesting product and I will definitely do more reading as I have time.  Also, I think it is terrific that you are seeing benefits.  Have you documented your results before and after with regard to TDD, A1C's, ectc?  It would be interesting to know what you've seen! 

The cursory review I did, I found the following for the ingredients:

Gymnema Sylvestre - No clinical data to support claims and No toxicity impact @ 1% of diet -

Trigonella Foenum graecum- Seems to reduce the rate of absorbtion of carbohydrate and assist in improving cholesterol levels - There were some concerns that it may negatively impact embryo development - need to read more...

Casearia Esculenta - seemed effective only at doses over 300 mg/kg body weight, no reported toxicity concerns in studies i read

Eugenia Jambolana - most effective at doses of 500 mg/kg body weight - no toxicity or abnormality concerns were noted

Momordica Charantia - Seems most effective in juice form - Appears to have positive impact on lipid levels, no toxicity concerns i read

Pterocarpus Marsupium - appeared to be effective - one report stated equal response to metformin in Type II's - I did not find toxicity concerns in studies i read

Curcuma Longa - Appears to have positive effects on both blood sugars and on auto-immune disease in general- saw concerns about finding proper dosage and delivery but I did not read anything that cited actual negative impact

Emblica Officinalis - A powerful antioxidant with a large number of listed benefits - no direct blood sugar listings that I saw but plenty of things that should help avoid complications. - I did not see any citations mentioning risk of toxicity


Thank you for sharing this- you’ve given me a lot to look into!!!




Yes I have been documenting my results. My A1C has dropped from 9.3 to 7.2 and I have reduced my insulin by 50% as of today. The company did a study. My finding are in line with their study. I am completely amazed. but I have had a hard time convincing many people that I am serious about this.




Where do you buy Madhusar?

I take this multi-vitamin pretty regularly - Nature's Way - Completia Diabetic (iron-free) Multi-Vitamin.

It really brings your blood sugar down.  I reduce my Lantus shot by 5 units whenever I take it.


plaidjack -


That's awsome. It is good to get the word out that vitamins and herbs actually help.



flax seed oil...

I take a multivitamin, iron because I'm slightly anemic, and C because I was told it helps with the iron.  I used to take calcium but I eat yogurt every day, lowfat cheese almost every day and other foods that contain calcium.  Saves me from gagging on a giant pill.