What was your last A1C number?

Sawyer's was 7.8

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Sawyer's was 7.8


Mine was 5.8

6.0 today! I'll take it!

9.3 :( had the flu right before I had it done, should have waited!

William's was 7.1 on 1/19.  After the holidays!  Woohoo!  I was dreading it would be much higher :)


my grandsons was 8 when he was admitted and newly diagnosed a week ago



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WOW!  I thought mine was good but that is great.......I'm jealous.

Alot of anal work on keeping myself from going to low.

joe's not here, so i'll say it... KINKY



I didn't even think about that. DIRTY!!!

of course you didnt, bp. that's what i'm here for.

Just got my results two days ago and it was 5.4

I get my results tomorrow. Ugh....sooooo nervous ....

6.7 that was in November.