What was your last A1C?

I just got back from the doctor with news that my A1C is 5.2!!!  My roommates don't understand why I am so happy, so I wanted to share it with people that will understand haha.  So share the excitement with me!   What has been your best A1C?

Mine was 8.9 been struggling a bit. Working toward getting it better!

5.2 is awesome!  Congatulations!  

Mine is 6.5, which works for me.  

Great, Great, Great Katie. I bet your dancing in the streets.

Best I have ever done is 6.2. Right now I am consistantly at 7-7.4. Working at it,every day. As important as the A1c test is. I try and focus more on the now. Some good, some great, and some not so great.