What were your Symptoms?

What were some of your earliest, uncommon pregnancy symptoms?? Could you feel implantation pain?  Also, what were your sugars like?  How long did it take you to get a + pregnancy test?

I just felt different.  No blood sugar changes or pains at the beginning, I just felt good.  Had a + pregnancy test a couple weeks later.  By about 1 month I started feeling super tired and would get nauseous every evening around 5pm.  

In the early stages you can have negative pregnancy tests even if you have conceived.  But if you have a positive you are definitely pregnant.  

This is probably TMI, but both my husband and I knew we'd conceived when it happened.  It was great sex and he said he could tell he "hit a bullseye".  Needless to say I didn't put that part in my son's baby book...

haha! Well I still have yet to get a + on my test! I took one this morning and I could see where the line was suppose to be but no pink color then it disappeared.  I didnt get any of my "normal" pms symptoms this month, I start to feel nauseous about 6pm and last for an hr or 2, last night i got this really weird tingly pains in my breasts and it felt like it was in my upper back as well!  I have cramps but no sign of Aunt Flo!! So i guess i will wait and test again in a few days! I mean it could be wishful thinking but i just feel different!


I am also waiting for a pos test and was curious about early sign too.. My breasts are sore but I dont know if it is just the pre-cycle, My wishful thinking is that I am pregnant and thats why!  I think they are more sore than I have noticed in the past and  No sign of aunt flo either. I swore I felt implantation pains on day 22, but I dont know if I am just over analyzing every  little thing with my body. haha.. so if nothing by saturday, I will test and hope for the two pink lines!!  

I hope it all works out for you and you get your pos results!!


I know Emily!! I thought the 2 week wait was hell!! Now that I am almost a week late and no sign of my period and i am still getting a neg sign its driving me nuts!! I just want to know! Yes or no so i can start thinking about next month!! lol

Yes the 2 week wait seems to take forever!  We started trying 4 months ago and I find I live my life in 2 week cycles... The two weeks of when I am on my cycle and then when I may be fertile and then the two week wait!  I try not to let it stress me out, because I am sure stress wont help the situation. But I do find those 2 week waits painful.  And I tend to over analyze any little "symptom" I might be having... haha

Some people make less of the pregnancy hormone so it isnt detectable by standard tests for a while, eventually you should have enough. So that might explain why you have neg results and are a week late. A doctor can do a blood test which is more sensitive and should give you an accurate result at this point.  Being a week late is an excellent sign though, assuming you have regular cycles. haha   I would think about a test with your doctor if you still dont start and the home tests are negative!

I am only 1 day late.. but based on my ovulation kit from this month and tracking my cycles for the last year, I am starting to get hopeful. I actually feel a  little nauseous this morning. I am trying not to get too excited because it is so sad when the test says no; try again next time!  Anyways.. It would be great if we both see two pink lines!

Hi there, I am a type T1D and just recently found out that I'm pregnant.  My husband and I had been doing natural family planning and just started TTC.  I suspected that I might be pregnant when I had more than 15 days of elevated morning temperatures.  I took the test two days before my missed period and it came back a very faint positive.  

My earliest symptoms besides the elevated temperatures were/are more heartburn, more gas, gas pains, tiredness, and lower blood sugars.  Good Luck TTC!

TIFFS and Brigid001 I know this maybe a crazy question but what is TTC? This past Nov. I was super excited because my period was 20 days late I did three test within the 20 days and they all came out negative. I had few symptoms but I was still excited. My sugar was spiking overnight, I was running to the bathroom constantly and I had tenderness.  Needless to say I turned out not to be pregnant and it was one of the biggest let downs I have had. I'd love to get some tips, encouragment or anything that may help me along the way because I am actually starting to loose hope.  My fiancee is a diabetic as well and I hoping that this doesn't have a effect on us having a child.

LOL OK forget the question about TTC I googled it! LOL!