What would be the 1st thing you'd do if you were NOT a Type 1 Diabetic?

I always think about the things i'd love to do RIGHT now if I just didn't have T1 Diabetes.  Right now I would spend the next 2 hours waxing my wood floors!  haha!  I know that sounds lame, but as soon as I get started, 15 minutes in I start to get low...even when I lower my basal or all together take my pump off, I still drop VERY LOW! And this is just for the kitchen!  I would wax my ENTIRE house!  Then I would take my 2 kids outside in a jogging stroller and run run and run, off to the park, then maybe up the street to the ice cream place for our 4 mile 'snack break', then back to our neighborhood, and not stop for another 8 miles!  : )  I know there are diabetic athletes out there, how they do I obviously haven't figured out, but I would love to run and run without stopping to test and guzzle tummy-aching amounts of juices.  I would then spend the evening out dancing all night long only running to the ladies room to check my hair and lipstick!  NOT MY GLUCOSE!  ugh!  The list goes on, but this is the three things I would do today if I didn't have T1!

that is a very good question..I think your 3 things are really similar to what I would do...I am going to have to give this some thought and think of something good!