What would be the best pump?

see im am a diabetc and i want a pump i want too know what would be the best pump im am thinking of geting the omnipod but i am not sure can someone tell me?

Hi there! I've considered the Omnipod before, but wasn't exactly thrilled by the idea of having such a contraption stuck to me. I use a Minimed Paradigm Revel insulin pump, and soon I'll have the CGM that works with it. So far, I really like the Minimed pump. Relatively easy to program in the beginning, and a cinch from there. I've used various infusion sets with the pump, and the best so far is the Sure-T set. It doesn't use a plastic cannula, it's actually metal. And believe it or not, it's very comfortable!

Hey Bryan,

Choosing a pump is a very personal decision. I am sure everyone has their pros and cons with their individual pump but those may or may not ring true for you. Each pump features something that distinguishes it from others. My advice is to talk to a diabetes educator before you choose anything and he/she will let you know all about the different features each pump has to offer. Also, it seems so long ago, but I believe right after I chose a pump I had a test period where I wore the pump but I was just injecting a saline solution. This was not only for me to test out the particular pump, but also to test out pumps in general.

I would agree with the last response that the omnipod has always seemed bulky to me. Additionally, I have heard that omnipod supplies take up a lot of space, so if you travel that might be a problem. However, I can understand how not having a tube would be very cool, and I think most pumpers who have woken up in the middle of the night tangled in their tubing would attest to this.

I use a minimed paradigm now, and I have only positive things to say. It is a very basic pump with little or no contraptions and that is exactly what I need. I am never confused and it thus far it has provided me with everything that I need.

Hope this helps.





I have to agree with what Dan said. It really is a personal choice and each person on this site who pumps can give you pro's and con's of each pump. Personally I have experience with the Medtronic 722 which is the pump right before the Revel and also the Animas Ping. Both of these pumps are/ were great pumps. The Animas at the time offered some really great features so I jumped to it. Since switching to a pump, things have been easier for me.

No matter the case with the pump choice see what you can do about trials. Maybe your doctor/ nurse can help you try to setup a saline pump trial before you make a final choice.

The one thing for myself as with what Dan said, I looked at the Omnipod (you can get a demo pump to stick on and get a feel for it) I felt it was to bulky and a little awkward. While some people rave about the tubeless feature of the Omnipod, after a few weeks with a normal pump you really do not notice the tubing anymore.

The bulk though of the Omnipod was what turned me off, that and in talking with a few people who had tried the pump originally there were issues with the adhesive and once the pod was off there is no rescuing or recovering the lost insulin.

Either way though, each pump has its perks and disadvantages. I would look into trials if they are out there and if nothing else make sure you try the Demo pump to see how the feel is. And also remember that you need to be aware of placement of the omnipod as people will notice it. I was in Disney a few weeks back walking from the Boardwalk to Epcot. I passed a woman who had just finished swimming at the pool and she had the Omnipod on her arm. Granted I at least knew what it was, I couldn't help think about how big the thing truly was. So I am happy with my choice.

Good luck. Any questions ask.

It's the "no tubing thing" for me.  Omnipod all the way!!    :-)

I have the Paradigm 722. I chose Minimed because I can't feel the cannula, and the tubing - for the most part - isn't a burden. I tried the Omnipod out and even though no tubing is great, and I think the all-in-one programming/BG tester unit is AWESOME!, I decided to go with the Minimed because of environmental reasons (less plastic in landfills), cost, and that I didn't like having a piece of plastic the size of a matchbox stuck to my gut/arm/butt.

Most reps and doctors offices can hook you up with a trial run of any and all pumps. I'd recommend you take them up on your offer and try them all.

I personally think the Animas only wins points because of the color display and the waterproof feature. I didn't find the computer interface at all worthwhile.

Good luck with whatever you choose! I love my pump!

I am a fairly thin individual and, as far as bulky goes, wear the OmniPod on my arms, back, abdomen, and legs and one would be hard pressed to see that I have it on. I don't wear tight-fitting clothes but that's okay. I'm happy with it.

I'd try the sample one they can send you (free). That will give you a good idea of what it feels like and looks like.


I've never used an Omnipod, but I do know that you can order a "fake" one from their site to wear and see what it's like.  I'd definitely try that, first.  I bet Omnipod has a LOT of advantages, but one disadvantage is that once you put it on, you can't just pop it off or move it to your other pocket like you can do with the tube pumps.  (That's why I didn't consider it.  If I put it on my stomach, for example, I'm sure I would put on an outfit the next day and wish I would have put it on my bum!  That's probably a little less of an issue for boys, though.)

I started on the Omnipod about a month ago and I am very pleased with it. The size of the pods don't bother me and I haven't had a problem with the adhesive. My only complaint would be that I don't like having to change pod spots every three days. Changing the pods  isn't the problem (it is very easy), but I get used to it in a certain spot (I have only tried my arms and stomach area), so moving a pod to a new area takes some getting used to. Over than that I really like.


Choosing a pump is a personal decision that you should talk with your CDE about, and see what would work best for your needs. I was in your place at one point, and still wanted the input from other people...Soo, with that being said I have used two different kind of pumps with one upgrade throughout the years.

I started on a Minimed 508, then later upgraded to the Minimed Paradigm. I LOVED having this pump...at first. It was so much better then shots, and the freedom was amazing. As I started getting older, being "attached" to something 24/7 and having that long tubing really played a toll on my self esteme. It really isn't that big of a deal, but try telling that to a 17 year old (at the time) female who doesn't like talking about her diabetes in the first place! Once in a while I would have problems getting the tubing stuck on a door handle or something, and it always seemed to happen in public, and it would pull right off my skin...DARNN!! Time to go home to get more supplies for a new infusion set!! lol
Being able to disconnect was a major blessing for all those social events; or so I thought. It got to the point where I would go days without even thinking about attaching my pump..which then turned into weeks or sometimes even a month! I would just give injections so I wouldnt feel that "attachment" I always felt.

Pump therapy is the way to go (my personal feelings), but being connected wasn't an option for me...so I decided to try the Omnipod. I have been wearing this pump for about four months now and I LOVE it! It took a little of getting use to, but it's the best decision I have made, and my A1C is doing so much better! After reading a few post from other people, I decided I'd give you my point of view on it as well....The pod can be a bit bulky compaired to the infusion set from say the Minimed, BUT once your actually wearing it, you can't hardly see it. I am now 22 years old, and will admit, I wear pretty tight cloths, but unless your wearing something SKIN tight, it really does not show. I put my pod on my leg, about the area wear your jean pockets would fall on your leg...So what little bump you may see, just looks like something in your pocket! As far as traveling with the Omnipod supplies. It couldnt be any easier! Lets compain what you would need to carry with you to change out your infusion sets:
1. Resivor
2. Infusion Set
3. Insulin/blood glucose meter
4. Inserter (depending on which type of infusion set you use)
1. Pod (the needle you use to draw insulin is in the SAME package)
2. Insulin/blood glucose meter

Now...which would you rather travel with??? :)

I could go on and on about the Omnipod, but again, its whatever personally works for you. I have friends that would swear on their Minimed...At the end of the day, they both do the same general function, and they both give you so much more freedom!!

Goodluck on your decision, and let us know which pump you decide to go for! :)


I agree, that having to change the pod every three days can be a bit annoying! But technically your suspose to change the infusion site for ANY pump within 2-3 days to avoid infection...But like I said, I really hate HAVING to change it by a certain time, or otherwise your screwed! :(



I also have the Paradigm 722, and I have no complaints at all. It's been great for me, especially since I played soccer and am still running track with it and all. It's been so easy for me to just fix the settings so that I don't have any highs or lows after practice or competitions.

I use the omnipod and I have to say, it has saved my life.  I could never go back to shots at this point.  It does get annoying being on your body at all times, and I have gotten some strange looks for example when it is on my arm, but it works great.  


Hope you make the right choice!!! :D


As all of these people have said it's personal choice. I have never had an omnipod so I can not speak for it at all.

I have had a minimed for over 5 years now. The only big complaint I have is sometimes it takes awhile to get supplies delivered to your home. If you forget you are low or think you have another box somewhere you could be in trouble.

They do have an card you can send in now to have them automaticly send supplies to you now I do believe.

Other than that the pump is great. Easy to hide, if you wear it on your belt or pocket most people will assume it is a cell phone. The bolus wizard is great.  I have always had the Quik-set infusion sets and for the most part the are great. Have had a few that have had problems sticking to skin.

As far as the tubing yes it can get stuck on door knobs or anything, but most of the time mine have stuck on me when I have done that. Just feels a bit uncomfortable.

The minimed pump is not water resistant, they call it water tight. Or atleast used too. If I remember right it is good under water for 30 minutes.

I would just talk to your CDE and do some reasearch on it, and see what you think and go from there.

my daughter used minimed 522 with quicksets. Havnt had any issue and once Alyssa fell cracked her pump minimed had new one to me the following day! If you have a walk or event you can look at them. I dont know about the others. But Minimed had great customer service and Alyssa who is 7 like her purple pump!

As you've probably figured out, it's a personal decision so try a few and see what you like.  You can also go on youtube or on the manufacturers websites (medtronic minimed, omnipod, animas) and see demos. 

I really like my Minimed Pardigm 522.  Tried an OmniPod and didn't like it, but I also sampled a pump that won't be officially out until 2012.  It's called Medingo solo and is a tubeless pump that's smaller than OmniPod, and you can also give insulin from the pump itself instead of having to use remote.  http://www.solo4you.com/

Like all technologies, insulin pumps are improving all the time so I think we'll have even more good options in the next few years.  But don't wait to get one!  I took shots for 25 years and wish I would have gotten a pump WAY sooner. 

For running the CGMS may not be great because of the lag time, but I love it. I have used the CGMS from Medtronic since they first came out. It was a long big thing like a lollipop in 2006. I was delighted when it got smaller. I use it 24-7 and I do bolus by the readings. The first day they may not be accurate but after that they should be. It depends on the calibration. I calibrate when I wake up and when I go to sleep. One other time would be before lunch. I have to say I cannot go one day without the CGMS. I don't know how I feel unless I see the number. I teach and travel a lot and need to know. I will be happier when the Enlite is available. That should be rather soon.

Enlight? What is that, and what is the expected timetable?

That is the new Medtronic sensor that has been ready for 2 years and available in Europe for one year but not yet aproved by the US FDA. If you are in another country maybe that is what you are using?