What would you do if

Okay, for the same reason I like to think about what I would do if I won the lottery every now and again:

What would you do if you could get a 3-day break from diabetes?


What would you do first if you were cured?


I think the 3-day break for me would lead to a year long diet - but I believe I would try caramel EVERYTHING, get a large popcorn and TWIZZLERS at the movies and have a Pizza party, LOL

Cured - wow - that one - I actually have trouble wrapping my brain around. - Do you know, I think I'd still test, LOL  I hope, when (optimism) it happens, I'll take the time I would have spent managing the diabetes and slow down a little and enjoy my food just a little more...

And how 'bout ya'll????


My answer is the same for both questions:


The most ridiculous, topping-laden cheesecake the world has ever seen. And I'll stop when there's none left.

This is going to sound weird, but I actually think I'd quit eating regular meals.  I get so sick of having to eat according to the blood sugar schedule.


I'd also get a long night's sleep. No testing, no pump beeping, no CGM going off, no pets to wake me needing to be fed.


Oh, wait.  That last one wouldn't be cured, would it?

For the cure, gorge myself on donuts, cheesecake, ice cream cake, and go somewhere and by the most carb filled meal available!

5 words:


Question 1 -- Oh my would I eat all the candy I possibly could! I used to be such a candy junkie (smarties, gobstoppers, pixie sticks, etc etc etc!)!!

Question 2 -- I'm not sure what I would do if I became cured. I honestly don't remember what its like not to have to test my blood sugar or bolus or even eat! I think I would just relax...sit back and eat and not have to think about what is going into my mouth!

Hmm... good questions!

For the 3-day vacation, I'd sleep past noon every day, drink gallons of Gatorade or apple cider or something sweet, and eat literally all day.  No big meals, no stuffing my face.  Just continuously shovel cheez-its and candy corn and apple pie.  And everything (EVERYTHING) will be doused in real, pure maple syrup.

As for the 'cure', I'm not even sure what I'd do first... would look a lot like the above question for a few days, and then I guess I'd just settle back into my life as it was up until three months ago.   

For the 3 day break: I would probably just go out and hang out with friends non stop and eat like crazy like I always used to when I'm with them. I'd go to the movies and order a LARGE everything I could find lol.

For the cure: Hmmm...that's a hard one. I'm not exactly sure what I would do first. But I'm pretty sure it would involve cherry cheesecake somehow. :)

For the three day break- I would probably sleep till i woke up without being low in the middle of the night, then i would go eat everything that i could get my hands on and i wouldn't have wait to eat untill i did a blood test or anything.

For the cure- i probably woulldn't know what to do with myself, i wouldn't know how to act without diabetes, and it would probably take a long time to kick in that it was really gone not that i was just wishing it was gone.

God I can't even wrap my brain around teh concept...I already havn't given up any foods I already ate...
I'd probably um...

wow. I could hide my meter and not have to test 10 times a day to avoid lows!


For question 1:  If I had a 3-day break from diabetes, I would do all the things that I don't find time to do now.  Honestly, it would have nothing to do with food.  I would read uninterrupted, sleep late and not worry about what time I got up!

Question 2:  I do believe this day will come.  I'm one of those people that has seen amazing changes already take place so a cure is truly possible. I would first, find out who found the cure and sit down and write a long letter thanking them for what they have done and how they changed my life.  That's the beginning.  Then I would look to my friends and family and thank them for their continued support for the 42 years + that I have lived with type 1.  The last thing I would do is call my doctor's office and tell him that I am free, but that I would still like to keep him as my endo...just for safety sake!!!


#1 - I would go somewhere out of the country (like Italy - forget about how long it takes to fly there. Since this is imaginary I'm pretending I can instantly transport there lol) and travel with my husband - walking, touring around, eating local cuisine, etc.

#2 - I would SLEEP! I never have sleep that isn't interrupted. I don't think I would eat a bunch of junk because at this point it's not in my lifestyle and isn't healthy for reasons besides diabetes. I might eat a big plate of sushi though!

haha this is such an easy question.

A three day break, I would eat as much as possible, and do what ever I want just because I could.

and a Cure, my friends have told me a million times, if there is ever a cure, they are going to take me to any buffet I want for about a week straight and just completly pig out with me haha.

I would probably gain 20 pounds.....first I would eat cake.....lots and lots of cake, preferably vanilla with cream cheese frosting.  Then I would eat peanut butter kiss cookies, blizzards, and drink lots and lots of Mt. Dew! :)

Haha nice question...

For the 3 day break I guess I would just relax and not have to worry about testing my blood, or getting up at night and early in the morning. Just sleep late and destress a bit you know.

For the cure, wow. I guess I wouldn't know what to do really. It would just be great to not have to keep injecting and testing blood but I think most of all it would be nice to just be able to go and exercise / play soccer or tennis as hard as I used to before diabetes and to take it easier on picking the best foods to eat etc. And CARB counting omg, would love that to be gone :)

honestly i cant think about it cuz my body just went limp. =[

if i had a 3 day break, i would not slleep so that i can just eat the whole time. i would eat the most sugary foods that ican find that i dont eat too much of.

if there was a cure, i would do the same exept that i would also smash my supplies(i am imagining my room filled with smashed meters and needles and insulin leaking on the floor... what a beautiful sight!) even though its been 5 months since i was diagnosed

Day 1: Cheesecake Factory and order the most chocolately dessert then i would wash it down with a chocolate shake.

Day 2: Go and get a huge bag of skittles like movie size Skittles and eat the whole thing alone then have a large cherry coke

Day 3: Do a chocolate crawl (like a bar crawl) hit up all the chocolate places starting off from like 9am till the stores close.

If I had a 3 day break.. I think i'd eat soo many carbs! lol. And drink as many Strawberry Frappachinos as I could =P


If I was cured.. well, I dont really know what i'd do.. I think it would be pretty hard to get my head wrapped around that after having to think about my blood sugar and all that for so long lol. But I dont think i'd go over board with my carb binge.. xD Maybe I'd have a party to celebrate and have a night of a tonnn of junk food lol

Question 1:  It is tempting to be able to eat "anything" with a 3-day break.  There are so many aspects of being a T1, so being able to just eat, not test, not worry about going too low or too high, should I be eating that, etc., is appealing.

Question 2:  I quit working about 6 years ago because of struggling with erractic BS. Living without this illness would free me to actually feel productive again.