What would you do if

well if  i had a 3day break fom my diabeties i would eat a choclate bar i would drink a bottle of soda and iwould eat all the food i want.Then if i was cured i woludnt have to worry about checking myself any more.

well if  i had a 3day break fom my diabeties i would eat a choclate bar i would drink a bottle of soda and iwould eat all the food i want.Then if i was cured i woludnt have to worry about checking myself any more.

I would take all my diabetes supplies.....put it in a pile, douse it with lighter fluid...and apply a match.

Toast the day with a frozen Margarita

climb on my bike and ride for weeks and weeks across America

Stay up late, get up early, dance till the early morning

fish, fish, fish, fish, fish..........

Oh yeah,   candy bars are always good.......

doh.....only 3 days....Ok Id only burn 3 days supply of diabetes support equipment  and only ride bike for 3 days....and only stay up and dance for 3 days...fish for 3 days...lol

Bob Hawkinson,

Fantastic - if it happens, i'll spring for the 3 day supply of candy bars! :)







for the first question i would be like oh crap i gotta test. then realize oh yeah i don't need to worry for a little bit. 

for the second question i would cry because i would be so happy then i would take my pump and BG monitor and chuck it into the street and run over them with a big ol' truck. 

Than on day three you would realize oh crap tomorrow I need that stuff again...

I would probably drink all the normal soda I could. Granted I realize I "can" do it now, but after so long of drinking diet soda it would just be weird to think about it. But for me I would just relax and chill and know that I did not have to worry about all the day to day stuff we do. I although tears of happiness would be in the mix somewhere.

Three days?  I would totally eat whatever I wanted and more importantly WHENEVER I wanted.

Also I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go on some crazy hiking trail like the westcoast trail..... and not even think about bring anything with me no food no meds .... NOTHING ... SEriously could you imagine how much food you would have to bring if you went on a week long hike in the middle of nowhere.  LOL  It would be great :)


Seriously, I would travel for like an entire month.   Imagine, no supplies (lots for a month), no worries.  Just go wherever you want, EAT whatever you like.

I can totally agree with the thought of pure madness all over the floor of leakn vials, broken supplies and monitors.. LMAO.

That would be fantastic!

Think about this.  Does anyone ever wonder if the pharmaceutical companies, or any business/govt is behind the prevention of a cure??  I mean think about it!  Billions of dollars would be lost.  Why has there truly been no advancement in cures for just about anything over the last 40yrs???  It seems within that span of time, what has been gaining corporate strength?

Phill ... I wonder about that myself... lets just hope not... it really is a horrible thought... but  yet sooo possible

these are such great questions!

for the 3day, I would help set up appointments for other diabetics to take their 3 day vacation.

then I would have lunch at 3pm, dinner at 9pm and breakfast at 4am...if I felt like eating!  Face it, we all love food, but as a diabetic is there ONE day where you didn't eat & weren't sick?

for the cure, I would gather ALL of my diabetic supplies & logs & such & sell  them on ebay as retro/nostalgia items!  Then with my earnings I would get a GINORMOUS tv & a Nintendo Wii & not worry about low bloodsugar from too much Wii bowling!

Then I'd meet all my diabetic friends for a visit to the Langham Hotel (in Boston) where they  have a CHOCOLATE BUFFET!

Sadly, with the cure comes tough times too (lol)-I'd also have to help the Joslin Diabetes Center & JDRF employees find new jobs! But I'm sure they would ALL be ok with that!

Three days of being cured...

I'd definitely binge on carbs and protein (pizza, pasta, chicken, beef)..ok so I'd basically eat everything within reach and not worry about a bolus or testing. I'd get back on the dessert/ice cream wagon. I will assume this is during the summer so I would go tan so I can get an EVEN tan without having a little white circle from where my insulin pump site is! I would enjoy rugby and other activities without worrying about my sugar or being connected.

Now I want pizza, look what this thread has done :(

i don't remember if i even answered this, but oh what i would give to eat as much chocolate as my little heart desired.  ohh i would also binge on potato chips. (yeah im a junkie i love junk food even now) which is amazing because my numbers are usually pretty good.

honestly..my answer would be the same for both and it would be "nothing".

I honestly wouldn't do anything different. I drink, I smoke pot, I eat candy, I have slurpees, I have real sugar..I do everything any of my friends do..I just make sure I take extra insulin, or wait til my blood sugar is lower.

3 day break.

i think i would just start running and when i was done i would shovel anything in my mouth that wasn't nailed down lol

a cure?

I would have the biggest party in like the waldorf astoria, no no i would need a place that can seat more people maybe like Yankee stadium and invite as many ppl that can fit in there and cater it with an all chocolate buffett, candy and anything sweet for all my used to be diabetic friends oh and of course invite the person that cured us all as the man or woman of the hour to say some big speech. And we would all throw candy instead of confetti lol

Ohhh, great question! I would play an hour of basketball, I would run down the beach, practice yoga for an hour, practice handstands for another hour, and then swim for an hour after that...and I wouldn't worry for one second about my blood sugar!!!

Three day break? Hmm after twenty-seven years, three days really isn't that long a time to be "free". I might go swimming or run around naked or something crazy I can't do with my insulin pump.

Cured? Hmm, again, I've had it a long long time, so I'm not sure I'd know what to do. One thing that comes to mind, I'd be considering having another baby more seriously, since it probably wouldn't be as stressful as my first baby. I'd probably also take the money I normally spend on copays and prescrips for more days at the track in my Charger. :)

Enjoy it.


I would run a marathon and enjoy the freedom to run and run and run.  I wouldn't have to carry food, my glucometer or wear my pump.  I would be light and free and run fast.  What a concept of ease and complete freedom to have your body care for itself!  I could care less about foods I get plenty of treats when I'm low.