What would you have done?

So my college did this free pancake night to kick off exam week for students. I just got back actually and it was a really good idea, however being at 10 o'clock at night was not something I enjoyed.

I figured okay so I'm going to be high after eating two pancakes and syrup w/ milk. I accepted that. BUT when I got there I realized they didn't have sugar free syrup out like they normally do for breakfast, they just had a container of syrup that you could scoop out on to your pancakes.

I quickly assessed my options:

1. not eat the pancakes and just sit with my friends and watch them eat them

2. ask for sugar free syrup, wait until they got it for me, and then make my friends wait for me to give my shot and eat because by the time I got the syrup they probably would have been done

3. just eat the pancakes with a small amount of syrup

I chose option 3. I gave a higher dose of insulin and I figured I will be up for at least another two hours studying so I can wait and see what my sugar is like before heading to bed.


What would you have done?