What yours favorite candy?

 i have alot of favorite candy heres a list of some i love :

                    1. laffy taffy

                    2. chocolate

                    3. nerds rope

                    4. york patty

                    5. m&m's 

              but i love almost anthing with chocolate in it 



my favorite candy would have to be a cookies and chocolate or milk HERSHEYS candy bar. YUM! lol

I love hard candies like runts and gobstoppers and I love chewy candies like gummy bears and peach rings and the like!


gummy sour worms




sugar free reeses, jolly ranchers, and life savers. 

-- Any of the sugar free candy is actually pretty good.

sugar free candy is NOT my fave. but my very fave is either grape or sherry jolly rancer lollipops. totally love!

Im like you sammi lol. I like anything chocolatey hehe