Whats a good a1c

My daughters last a1c was 7.1. my dr. was telling me that it was a good number. she has never gotten any higher than. 7.8. But lately other moms have been saying that that is high and I need to control her better and keep her more around 6.

just looking for more insite. In nov. my daughter will have had diabetes for 4yrs. just new to the site and seeing other peoples opinions...............ty

A good A1C can depend on how old your daughter is. For instance my son is 4 and so his target BG range is 90-200. (As in we must treat for low at 90 or lower and provide correction for 200 and above.) The average BG then is 155 and if he were to have this all the time, it would mean an a1c somewhere in the 7s. We were told by our endo that for kids under 6, there is a risk to brain development by having too many lows - which is why the target is higher and that it does mean higher A1Cs (esp after the honeymoon period).

I think if your endo thinks it is a good number, I would ask at your next visit what he/she thinks about lowering it. They could have several reasons - for example, if your daughter doesn't recognize when she is going low, they may have a higher target to help  prevent her from going low.

Welcome to Juvenation! It is a great site and I have learned so much here!

Having a 7.1 is not bad. I always always told by my doctor to try and shoot for below 6.9, but if I was over by a few tenths he did not agonize. I looked up on WebMD what they say, while not a 100% reliable site on all things, it is good with stuff like this.4-6 is good for non-diabetics. Below 7 is the goal for us.


I agree, I think for younger children it is very dangerous to have A1Cs below maybe 6.5 or so because of the dangers of low blood sugars.  Unless you are a professional athlete or follow a very strict regimen, it's probably not great for even adults to have A1Cs in the 5s.  Mid-low 6s are really good for diabetics. 

ADA recommends a1cs anywhere below 7 (anthing in the 6s is optimal). AACE recommends a1cs below 6.5 (with 5-6s being optimal).

Those are the "official" recommendations we use in our office, however we realize always retaining tight control like that is difficult (I'm sitting at a 7.1 as of August). The lower the a1c, the less risk of complications. Especially since your child is so young, I would not be too worried at this time.

I agree!  C, you mentioned your office.  Remind me what it is that you do?

I've been told < 7.0 is good.  Used to be 7.5.  Original DCCT study said anything below 8.5 would reduce the risk of complication by 50%.

If my child was 7.1, I'd be ecstatic.

I have always been told 7 or below is good.

see I didnt think 7s for a1c is bad especialy for a child who sneaks food when they think ur not looking and before you know it she has a reading in the 400 of 500s. even tho she has a pump and knows sometimes she just dont care. she a child. she just want to be normal like her brothers.

ty for your help everyone!!

Under 6.6 always makes me feel good, but I'm told by my endo that under 7.5% is a good range.

I remember when my eye doctor all but yelled at me for having an A1c at 7.2. That made me so mad :P

i work at an endocrinology and diabetes clinic in iowa. i'm only there once-twice a week.

I have always understood that a good a1c is anything 7 or below.  I believe 6 is optimal.  But I could be mistaken.  How old is your daughter?