What's going on?

I checked my post meal number after lunch and I was 247. This is the second number in the 200's in the past 2 days. I'm thinking "maybe" this is the insulin resistance kicking in, I'm 21 weeks pregnant. I took 2 units correction dose. 2 hours later I check my blood and I'm STILL 224. I've drank lots of water and took insulin and it doesn't seem to want to go down. What's going on...? Is this insulin resistance? I assumed it would be a slower transition, maybe not...

I would def get ahold of your endo/educator seems like it's time to up your dosages, i've changed my basals and carb ratios a ton of times so far and I'm 22 weeks

I have been paying close attention to this and so far it seems that I only need additional bolus insulin for lunch. My morning fasting number is still perfect and my post dinner number is also good. My BG just wants to spike after lunch. So for the past couple days I have been taking addition insulin for lunch, but on the same insulin regimen for the rest of the day. It's complicated but I guess that's how pregnancy and diabetes is! You are only 1 week ahead of me (even though my ultrasound tech says my baby is measuring  4-5 days ahead right now). We are so close! Keep me updated on how your pregnancy goes! I would love to hear from you!

Yep, that's how pregnancy and diabetes go apparently and as soon as you get it figured out it changes *AHHHHHHHH* I just got put on a CGM this week, which is very cool to see what's happening in between checks. Having a super frustrating day... I was 100 when I went to sleep last night and woke up at 5:30 and was at 300! I didn't eat/drink anything after dinner, my pump was working just fine and since then I have been fighting with my BG all day, I changed my site and it didn't help, I barely ate, I over bolused and it took me all night to get it down at all and now it's going back up! Had myself a good cry earlier which I'm sure helped *rolls eyes* ah well.

So far I'm measuring right on track which is making me happy, and they did the anatomy screen this week and said it doesn't look like any heart defects or things like that, which is wonderful :D