What's in Your Emergency Kit?

We had a guest expert write a column for Diabetes News Hound about creating a diabetes emergency kit. You can check it out here: Be Prepared in an Emergency: It’s In the Bag

So, I have two questions:

1 - Do you have an emergency kit?
2 - Do you have anything else in the kit thats not mentioned in the article?

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That's pretty much it for a trip, but I don't carry it all with me all the time.  At work, I keep a bottle of insulin, syringes, resivoirs, infusion sets, inserter, IV preps, IV tape, batteries, fruit snacks, backup meter, extra strips and tylenol.  In my purse, I keep glucose tablets, batteries, and meter, children's tylenol and benadryl, oh and a few dollars in my car incase I need to eat something more than fruit snacks or glucose tablets.  I do carry bandaids, but that is more for my 3 year old.  At home we have several glucagon kits and our extra supplies. 

i don't have an emergency kit. i keep glucose tabs in my purse and will drop my testing kit in there if i leave. i don't carry around extra pump supplies or batteries or anything else.


when i'm traveling (as in vacation), i'll take 1 extra set of pump supplies, an extra bottle of strips, and a battery. i pack light :o)

I have glucose tabs in my purse,  when I'm going out of town over night I take an extra pump site, if its more than a couple of days I'll take an extra battery. But thats about it

I dont carry an emergency kit anymore. I throw everything in my purse. lol

in there is have:

-my meter

-glucose tablets (lots of them)

-extra test strips


-disposible pokers

-alcohol swabs

i dont carry my pump supplies with me unless im going somewhere thats a long distance from where i live. like northern iowa. if i do travel half of my kit is food. haha. my brother consumes most of it, but i take it incase i drop and cant raise. i have regular pop in it. (sometimes i dont wanna eat those chalky glucose tablets).

at schooli keep an extra site change there. my school nurse has alcohol and ketosticks that i can use. and tons of glucose tabs!!!! (theres 4 diabetics at my school).

i only bring emergency kits if i'm going somewhere overnight. i keep 2 sites, bottle of insulin, 2 resiviours, alcohol swabs, IV prep, IV 3000, glucose tabs, glucagon, syringes, pills (i have seziure disorder), medical ID card (phone numbers ect.) water, batteries for my pump, strips, meter, lancets and cartriges (i have a special lancet device (:) and glucogell (i  like variety when i'm low)