What's insulin Pump? xD

xD xD

ok! i did a research!!!!

i already know what it is xD

is it better than insulin pen?

MUCH better than a pen.  Insulin pumps give small amounts of insulin 24 hours a day.  They use only short acting insulin (Humalog, Novolog) so you can skip meals or eat whenever you want.

Hello Julia,

Some people like insulin pumps better, some people like pens (injections) better.  The main difference is that a pump delivers a continuous flow of insulin to your body through out the day, then you have to give extra at meals.  With the pens, and long-acting insulin, the one or two injections cover the whole day, but then because of its natural action, you must time meals and snacks more precisely.  I hope this makes sense! 

wow! thankies for ur replies!

i just watched some videos on yt

i want one! xD

im goin to ask my doctor about it!!!

thanks again!

i have 3 kinds of insulin

humalog, novorapid and lantus