What's raising your blood sugar....my coworkers

- somewhat of a rant here - Do the morons you work with raise your bs levels?  I find it interesting that, while stress is alread built into the job, it's the lazy morons I work with that get my blood boiling and raise my bs.  I have kept track of 'moron days', as I call them, for a few months and my bs goes up 50-60 pts on average on those days!  I was frustrated a little bit with bs levels here and there - couldn't figure it out - even eating the same things at the same times of the day but each day was different.  That's nothing new, we can be weird that way, but it wasn't until I found that it was 'moron' stress that was causing it!  It's not asking diabetes questions - just regular work stuff.

It would be easy to say 'don't pay attention to them' but we are in a commission pool so we all share.  The laziness and entitlement amazes me sometimes and it directly effects my paycheck!  I love what I do and glad I have a job but these guys are killing me and burning me out.  One plays games all day, although he has one large acct so no one pays attention.  One complains all day long that we hired a 4th guy even though there is not enough biz in our region to cover it.  The 4th came in with just a couple small accts so he sits around all day doing nothing or talking to friends all day about what woman he met the night before at the bar.(recent divorce for him so this is a brand new fun chapter for him- yippie- for the record, I side with his ex)  All of them come in an hour to hour and a half later than they should too.  We are on the west coast but work east coast hours so we're in, well, I'm in around 4 AM.  I blew up at them last week after months of being nice and just making suggestions but they are right back to the usual lack of effort.  The boss?  He's in another office and doesn't do much about it despite my complaints/suggestions.  Some days are just worse than others. The only good part about it is that they don't know much about diabetes and don't think of blaming my anger/frustration on the disease.  If they did, I might be on the news for work place violence (not that I condone it, but you know what I mean!)

Sorry for the long one and negativity but had to get it off the chest. Feelin better now! Thx

(PS I use another term for moron but thought I'd keep it PG here)

I'm not sure I can quite relate to "Moron" days to that extent, but I'm pretty sure I've noticed patterns of higher BS as they relate to stressful days.  When I'm stressed I definitely get a higher BS reading.  Stress will be the end of me.  You know how they say money is the root of all evil, well I know it's not everything but if I won the lottery, I would retire at 22 to an island somewhere and lose a lot of stress and quite possibly gain back years of life lost from stress.  Wishful thinking!

What island would you go to? Im thinking that also! Paint some sea shells for a living.

It's a shame that others rather they mean to or not,have the ability to raise blood sugar or blood pressure.It does happen,and to me feels like I have given power over to them.

I'm not sure what island.  Maybe I would just buy a small island.  :) 

And to meme, you're right, I feel like I give people the power to stress me out.  I think that's what you were saying.  That's something that I need to try and work on! 

I hear ya Meme - it's definitely a cunundrum.  Here's a new example and these aren't even the guys in my office.    We had a guy here the week before last putting in a new back office phone system.  Of course the old phones don't mesh well with the new back office support.  Can't get new phones until another piece of equipement is upgraded but the new version of it won't come out until November.   Needless to say, I called the guy who put it in (he works in our home office in Florida) - got voice mail, so sent an e-mail saying our direct lines to our NY office are not working (very very important to us when we have time sensitive orders coming through). He replies - not my area. Ok, well, who the f____ do I go to? Reply - not sure.  E-mail my PC guy back there who is usually very helpful - he sends the phone guy that I just talked to an e-mail "Can you help with this?"  Amazing!  We don't have tech support here...I'm basically it - wearing two hats.   In the mean time, it took a min to get someone in NY on the phone to get an order in - the customer calls and says "Doug, what the ____ are they doing? Jesus H, how bad are they, I would have gone somewhere else!"  Don't blame him one fricken bit, my job is to calm him down and luckily it worked out in his favor.  That in and of itself sends me over the edge.  Sometimes the power issue isn't a choice, it's a fact of what we have to do.  I'm on whatever island you guys want - think they were talking Iceland in another thread.  If we buy a new one can we call it "Serenity Now!" Island?

Hi Doug.so right on the power thing , and I want gps to that island !!!!

I'd send you the GPS but evidently we upgraded that too and now it doesn't work!  LOL

Ok, I'm done - got my cheese to go with my whine.  :)  Thx 4 listening!

No Doug, I am ready,lets take to the streets,we will beat their A... ha,you know I am not making light of how you feel,just trying to make you smile!!!

Matt and Doug,all jokes aside,stress in the workplace or everyday life can take a toll on your health and life,it can also effect relationships.And if thats not bad enough it can age you!I wish I knew how to rid us all of it.I hope someone sends us tips to dstress. Take Care !!

Well Doug, if ur sending a GPS to meme you had better count me in to dude!!!

About the stress your feeling on your "Moron" days, I've had many of those. At the job I was just fired from people would just stand around when there were customers at the counter or at our drive thru speaker. And at the time I was the assistant manger and many days I was the only boss in. So I would have to leave whatever I was doing in the office and come out front and let everyone know that there were customers to serve, and they would look at me like I had 3 heads or something. Or when it came time to do any of the chores that needed to be done around the store, I normally would have to leave what I was doing and either show them how to do their jobs properly or in my case just do it myself. And it was VERY stressful. And these people are full grown adults and my thoughts would be 1)how could someone be so lazy 2)If you just want to stand around go home, cause I don't need you.

And for the time that I was assistant manger my bs was so high just from the stress. So when I was fired I got a chance to recharge myself and get my #'s back to a normal range. But I know how you feel, and glad you were able to get it off your chest