What's the best way (and cheapest!) way to order supplies?

I'm having all sorts of timing problems with my pharmacy (some caused by my doctor b/c they didn't put a high # testing/day--which I've since resolved) and it's a lot of money b/c I have crap insurance, so I'm wondering if it would be better to order online?

Let me know what you're doing and if it's working for you!

Allegro medical supplies are the cheapest I've found online and they have EVERYTHING!!

Thanks Dawn. How long have you been T1? Any curveballs I should look out for?

I have been a T1 for 34 years.  Been a Looooong road!!!  No curveballs so far... I get everything through the mail.  Granted... depending on where you live and how good your mail system is... you have to give it enough time... I usually give them a week or so, but I think you can also get things rushed to you!  Good Luck!

If your insurance allows it- ExpressScripts.com- 3 month rx is normally around $10.00- Even pump supplies!

amazon.com and wal-mart are where I get most of my supplies

wal mart is pretty cheap when it comes to lancets, syringes and other basics like that. i use a website (not that i can remember the name if it) to get my supplies. i get 3 months worth of insulin for $150 from it. ill get back to you where i get my supplies

I get my insulin through my clinic, where I pay $10 for a three month supply of both my Humalog and Lantus