What's the cause?

I have always been interested in the research surrounding T1D. Does anyone here have any theories on how, or why, (genetically, environmentally) we develop Type One Diabetes?

Tegan @TeganLane, is feels good to me to see that you are interested in something like TypeOne that affects you.

For years, persons affected, medical practitioners treating and research scientists have been trying to figure out why our own body will attack itself and identify our Beta Cells as “enemy” and then do its best to destroy them - rid our bodies of insulin producing cells. There are many theories and folks like the JDRF are working diligently to identify the “culprit” and find a way to neutralize it; there is a lot published on this work at the main JDRF Website [JDRF.org].

In his Diabetes management and treatment guide published in the 1950’s, Dr. Elliott Joslin provided a theory that diabetes was often triggered by either virus or trauma - this theory still holds but in more recent years “causes” have been expanded.

Dr. Joslin opened his treatment and research center more than a decade before injectable insulin came along. You can read more there at joslin.org. When I lived in the Boston area, I donated “use” of my body for many research endeavors - a few benefitted me significantly and are benefitting from those studies.

To be on the front line and learn what is in the works, I recommend that you, that everyone, register for trials for new treatment devices that will make our lives more livable and for the development of “The Cure”. Registration links are on the JDRF page.

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Thank you so much for this super intresting information. I would love to help researchers with use of my body too. I am going to spend some time looking into studies that I could be apart of. You really inspired me!

I was diagnosed at 3 years old so I don’t have any specific memories myself. But my parents told me I had a virus and was diagnosed shortly thereafter. I’ve heard that on several occasions. If so it could be a couple of things:

  1. The virus somehow damages the immune system; or
  2. Some of the symptoms of what was believed to be a virus (lethargy, perhaps nausea/ vomiting) were actually symptoms of the diabetes. That may be more likely if the two diagnoses were made very close to each other. My parents have passed and I never thought to ask about timeframes. Best wishes on your research!
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My son is 2. And was diagnosed right before his 2nd birthday in march. He fell into DKA suddenly, and we ended up in children’s for 2 weeks. We did not know at all because no one in either side has it. One thing stuck out to the doctors. He had the flu horribly bad 2 months prior to this. They sad it potentialy destroyed all his insulin due to being so sick. I never knew this was possible. I tell all my friends to be more aware. It’s a devastating disease, but with forums for support like this, we can fight back!!!

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