What's the "dumbest" reason you've given Dexcom for a new sensor?

Hi Friends. I’ve requested new sensors from Dexcom for the usual reasons (error message, calibration fail, ending early, etc). But just today, I was wearing tights and something about the fabric or my movement dislodged my sensor. And just last week I got up from a table too quickly and it ripped off. I’ve never asked for a replacement for this type of accident, but now that I’m down two sensors I do plan to call. I’m curious to hear from others, what’s your craziest explanation for requesting a new sensor? Does it have to be error related or have others received replacements for “lifestyle” fails (like tights! or a table)? Thanks!

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One time when I removed the “wing” that locks the plunger in place (and that you use to dislodge the transmitter from the sensor), the plunger plunged while the sensor was on the sink, just minding is own business. I didn’t even recall touching it or hearing anything, but when I went to insert the sensor - surprise!
I’ve knocked a sensor off occasionally but usually it’s nearly replacement time, when you might expect the adhesive to be loosening a bit. With a newer placement I’ve knocked against a doorjamb and things of that nature with no problem. You might try some tape over top of the adhesive. In the meantime, if you’re not getting your time and money’s worth out of your sensor do give them a call with the details and ask for a replacement. These things should stay on for a while, even with a bit of jostling, so they might keep track of such issues to develop better adhesive in the future.

Hi Amy @amyv, my tights haven’t yet knocked off any of my Dexcom sensors, G5 or G6 - probably since I have always placed the sensors on my abdomen, the recommended placement for an adult. Although now with the G6 ‘one-hand’ applicator I intend to also place sensors on my arm.
Like Dorie @wadawabbit, Dexcom gave me a replacement for a “user error” - my dumbest stunt so far. I was in a rush to insert a new G5 and in my hurry I didn’t follow procedure and withdraw the insertion needle before removing the tool. The thing looked OK so I presumed I didn’t cause a problem until later when not getting readings. When telling me that a replacement was on the way, the Dexcom rep told me she hadn’t previously heard that reason.

I have 2 kids with Dexcoms and maybe it is different for kids, but I will call ANY time a sensor doesn’t hit 10 days, regardless of the reason, and they always replace.

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I think they expect user errors. Any reason will get you a new one. The shape is not very “aerodynamic” and does tend to catch on things. Here are some other ideas: order the free overmatches from Dexcom. They go over the regular tape and keep things on a little more securely. Also, online you can get Skin-Tac, a liquid glue you put on the tape, avoiding the central sensor part, and then attach to your body.

Skin-Tac has been very good. And as you mention, I apply it directly to the tape NOT directly onto skin.

I use both Skin-Tac and the overpatches, and I still have trouble keeping mine on. I think some of us just have something in our sweat that dissolves the adhesives. For me it has gotten worse over the years. I know my sweat tends to corrode my violin strings more that is typical.

Good morning - I’m up at 5:30 and thought I would do something productive while I lie here in bed :blush:). I’m knocking out some doctor visits early in the year and I have my annual mammogram scheduled today. I try to schedule "elective radiology tests for when my sensor is about to run out; but I have a few days left on this one so I called tech support for a reminder about whether I have to remove it.
They told me they can replace sensors that have to be removed for medical procedures - I had no idea! - and to call back after the test.
Just passing that on. I will do a follow up this evening or tomorrow just to confirm it went as planned, but it’s nice to know.

In a hurry and did this dumb thing. I pressed the plunger button before removing the adhesive tape on sensor…ugh! I called Dexcom and told them my honest mistake and they replaced. Pretty understanding about human error.:+1:

Thanks, everyone! This has been super helpful. I’ve been working out more and the adhesive is definitely wearing off faster. Plus, it’s winter and I’m wearing a lot of layers which tends to shift things around more (I wear my sensor on my stomach). I had no idea I could get free over patches! I’ve been using these clear band-aids that I cut when it starts to wear off. The medical procedure tip is really helpful too! I had to remove it once for a procedure and I didn’t think to call for a replacement. Now I definitely will! Thanks everyone! Much appreciated.