What's the hardest part about being a parent of a child with diabetes?

Hi folks, I'm a grad student at the University of Pennsylvania and a T1 diagnosed when I was 22 (so I was able to really enjoy a lot of halloweens:) 

I'm working on a project with some other students trying to understand what kinds of services parents of children with diabetes might need to help their child achieve better/easier care. It's hard being diabetic and I'm suspicious that it's even harder to be the parent of a child with diabetes. It's really important to me to understand the parent's perspective (which I don't have) so I'm hoping some of you might fill out this survey, it's under 20 questions!

There's a comment space at the end if you have some extra thoughts, or if you want to learn more about our research feel free to message me! Thanks in advance:)

The google survey ---> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1MuqH59QVUbPIOPddMQl6K78jgV__L14TGeanjzNAyTA/viewform

I found this "guide to getting out" for parents of children with diabetes! It looks useful for parents who aren't ready to leave their child with another caretaker yet -> web.diabetes.org/.../ParentsGuide.PDF

I sent the link to my mom and she thought it was cool that you were doing this.

I'm glad she thinks it's a good idea! I'm trying to really rally my team to understand that more doctor time isn't necessarily what we need. T1D is different in that it's such a... life transformation. Some people see food, we just see 75 carbs with enough fat to require a dual wave bolus. You just can't take a day off. I can't imagine being a parent of a kid with t1d, seems really really tough. Thanks JG!