What's The Highest Blood Sugar You Have Ever Had?

I'm posting this in response to "What's The Lowest Blood Sugar You Have Ever Had?" What has your highest number been, NOT at diagnosis, (b/c really, you would have to be high to get the diagnosis, so I don't think that counts).

When I had my highest, it was back when I used Chemstrips, not a meter, so it didn't give you an exact number. It was probably 450 or 480. :p

I think about 433.  I don't remember the exact circumstances enough to even attempt to give a an explanation or story as to why my sugar was so high.

just "hi" which would have been something over 500.

my meter couldnt even read how high i was, all it read was "hi" .

i had to take a shot of 30 to get me to normal i guess i was pretty high :P

well when i was diagnosed i was over one thousand but after that the highest i've been is like 550

its crazy how highs work but I get it at the same time. When Ri was dxed she was over 500 and in DKA I didnt hear the exact number. The highest I remember her being since then was 408 I only gave her insulin for half a pizza crust cause I though the whole thin was one serving oops.

I believe my highest was 572.....or somewhere around there.  I cannot imagine being 1000!!

Somewhere in the 500s I think.  I may have had one or two readings of "HI" (over 600) but I'm not sure. 

"HI" which was over 30 for the meter i had. no idea what it actually was, but i was 45 when i was dx'ed

I think the highest it's been that I can remember was when I was diagnosed and it was over 600.

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just "hi" which would have been something over 500.


what the girl from Iowa said...

My meter just says "holy shit, go to the fucking hospital."

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My meter just says "holy ***, go to the *** hospital."



If they could talk I'm willing to bet that's exactly what mine would say =:>

Highest blood sugar since diagnosis: 34 (about 612)


My highest was 395 on 10/31/08. The day I was dxed. 

572 after hockey once when i had too much gatorade from being low

when i was diagnosed i was 420 b/c we caught it earlier than most

mine was HI as well for my meter that's over 36 ( 648)

My highest was over 500.  And I thought I was high at over 800 at dx but 1000 beats that!

428 at diagnosis. I saw a 540ish number once, but then I washed my hands and was in range. I think i've spiked up to 390 or so after eating (oh maple syrup...)

My meter just said "Hi" which is never a good sign!! It was 1500 when I was diagnosed :(