What's the lowest blood sugar you've had?

The lowest blood sugar i've ever had is 30 and i had to go to the hospital. Anybody else had to go to the hospital for a low blood sugar?

My lowest was 34. I have never gone to the hospital/ had a seizure/ passed out . . . . So I guess I'm lucky in that respect.

That is lucky but i guess it kinda depends on how long you've been diabetic for.

I was dignosed about 9 years ago

My lowest was 24.  I also was able to take care of it at home... I have not passed out or had a seizure.  I am very lucky.  I am very grateful that I have pretty good low blood sugar awareness.

i had to go to the hospital once baecause i was so low my meter said LO and i turned out to be 21. i had a seziure unfortunatly

lowest i remember was in the upper teens, low twenties (i can't remember the exact number - it was a very long time ago). i've never had to go to the hospital, however i have had a couple seizures (averaging out to only be 1 every 10 years). i'm fairly hypo-aware, so i rarely get caught off guard by low numbers.

My lowest, according to the meter of the time, was in the teens.  I did read low after a car accident according to the EMS meter.  I was coherant enough to explan to the paramedic what "LO" meant, but not coherant enough to drive a car.  I was transported to the hospital from work once when I couldn't keep anything down that they were trying to give me.  I have not had seizures, but have blacked out more than a few times.  I think some people have seizures and some don't.  Thankfully, I am one who doesn't.

The biggest lesson I have learned is NEVER go to bed naked, you never know when there will be six first responders standing in your livingroom trying to get you to drink juice because you didn't show up for work. 

the lowest i had that i can remember in the past few years was 26... when i first got diabetes when i was 6 i used to pass out and have seasures havent had one since then tho but i am 5'8 so my body can handle lows

the lowest blood sugar i have ever had was 28, and i didnt have to go to the hospital. but one time at work i passed out in my bosses office, while drinking a frozen lemonaide (loaded with sugar) for my sore throat. i hadn't even taken insulin for it which was very odd, and the emt's said that my sugar was 60. but the endo said that sometimes finger pricks don't reflect actual blood sugars. it definitely had to be much lower than that, it took my about 1 tube of oral glucose and 5 cups of juice to get over 100.


3 am on the first day of school last year

It was the first time I had run in the afternoon, all summer my runs were in the morning, so that put me off.

Hmmm ... the lowest I've ever had has been in the 30 range.  Thankfully I've never had to go to the hospital for it and I've haven't had seizures or passed out from it.  However, I've only had diabetes for about 4 months now and I can't always feel that I'm low unitl I'm really really low.

my lowest as 1 or 0.5(??) shortly after i was diganosed and still didn't recognize the signs of a low(i was 6)..i had to crawl with one usable arm and my legs kinda not working well from my room to the kitchen(my mom was in there working) where i collasped halfway through the doorway. scared my mom shitless.

my lowest was 19. i've never passed out or had to go to the hospital for a low or high.

23. I've never passed out or gone to the hospital. Have had extreme problems waking up in the middle of the night from a low bloodsugar, though.

my lowest blood sugar was 24. i was on an airplane. my mom and i didnt have any juice or regular soda( i hated glucose tabs at the time). it was the day of the liquid bomb scare so my mom pressed the call button and then we got some regular soda and some nuts(protein so i wouldnt drop again). it wasnt the greatness experience i have had. luckily i have never had seizures or passed out.

I've had problems waking up in the middle of the night with low bloodsugar too. I guess i'm lucky i've never been in the 20's or teens before.

I've had a few where my meter just read 'LO' (under 20mg/dl), and I was surprisingly coherent. I've had lows in the 50s where I was more out of it. I've never passed out, had a seizure, or gone to the hospital for anything D related, except my diagnosis.

I think my lowest was somewhere in the twenties.  It was maybe a year after I had been diagnosed and I was outside fixing my little brother's bike and just bottomed out.  I wasn't coherent of what was happening but apparently I tried to take off my pants while standing on the bike and then proceeded to have dinner and my father and stepmother knew something was up when I essentially inhaled my food without stopping.  Apparently I started crying and everyone was freaking out.  Good times.  Never passed out or had to be hospitalized though and I haven't had another episode like that.

you haven't had another episode like that, however you've taken a liking to riding bikes pantless.