What's the worst time to be low?

I know it is never good nor convenient to have a low sugar, but some times are just more annoying than others.  Name a few.


Taking a test

Being outside in the pouring rain

Right after I brush my teeth

In the shower

Taking a test is definitely up there.

Driving anywhere.

Anytime you get up earlier than usual or were out really really late the night before.

At the grocery store. You end up buying everything.

while playing a sports game

when your gettin ur nails painted lol

at a resteraunt when you didnt feel low but you are and u were just about to eat but your pump wont give you insulin when your low

there are sooo many more i just cnt think of them lol :)

the middle of the night for me! nothing worse than waking up at 4am due to a low...the symptoms always seem to feel ten times worse for me when i'm half asleep too! 

definitely right after i brush my teeth - especially before bed


middle of the night

anytime you just happen to have forgotten to have sugar with you


I'm going to have to say while your at the gym. Nothing more fun than trying to workout when it feels like you're gonna die if you move.

I agree w/ in the car.

Also, stuck in the dentist's chair and when you're too full to eat...

at 2 in the morning

during a test... expecially really hard ones


at times when i dont have tabs with me

one nobodys mentioned.... when your leaving school to go home. that sucks!

in the middle of a test

when your leaving school to go home. i always seem to drop then

at 2 am, i agree! the symptoms feel 10 times worse then

um... when your with your friends and your in the middle of a mall and nowhere near the food court!

when your at walmart/some other random store you shop at

when your at the beautician and your getting your hair cut/done

when your in gym, yes it is an excuse not to participate, but it sucks!

taking a test.

the middle of a preformance

in the middle of the night

and during man hunt at diabetes camp :P

Tests or just school in general.

When you have lots of homework to do and in very little time/are very stressed.

Yeah, I agree about performances.  Auditions are even worse!

When I'm running or exercising.

[quote user="Melanie Marvin"]

when your leaving school to go home. i always seem to drop then


That's horrible, too, and I always have to walk up 3 flights of stairs to get to the band room before I go home.  Ahhh.


I would have to say you say it best!


test, yes

middle of performance -- be it football or whatever, yes

middle of the night when you want to sleep and not fix food, yes

and playin manhunt, done that, yes..


my boyfriend of 5years; we're both 20 now and he found out last year; luckily .. haha he says im "awesome" b/c i realized what was goin on and took him to ER after testin him on my parents' meter.. Hosp had to do labs it was 686.. DKA.. total shock.. spent all night there and week at a med center hour and a half away; i stayed with him the whole time so whatever he knows, i know, i take care of bout all his stuff; his parents dont even know how to work the meter; like one time i came back hed been sick so he slept a lot; i stayed at my house that night; i came by brought breakfast b/c he didnt answer phone; took me 10 minutes to get him up scared the hell out of me.. checked it .. 29.. 0H gah; i was 2steps from givin him his Glucagon shot [luckily we're both LPN certified so we knew how .. haha] but he hates lows.. i can Look at him and tell hi or low.. thank goodness for free style lites so you can test in the dark :) and the novolin R innolet.. no vial or syringe.. and lantus pens.. haha; we're doing good his A1C at admit was 12.3 and has been 5.6 ever since :) awesome..  sorry this was long..

I would have to agree with going low in the middle of the night...Usually my BS is alot lower because it takes me longer to realize its going low when I'm asleep...Alot of times I don't even check it because when I see my BS is really low (like in the 30s I freak out and it causes it to go even lower!)

I'm also in home health care...so it sucks when my BS is going low when I'm with a patient and can't leave...that always sucks!

definitely true!

or they move your lunch to the last lunch slot available..ahh..

my b/f hates that.. & ive not been diagnosed; though great grandparent for sure, and both parents are affected; but mine tends to be lower and i need to eat more often .. its odd cause i eat a lot but gain nothing; its always been that way with me;; its crazy..


at the gym or right before the gym

when you are soooo not hungry or just ate alot and are done and then have to eat more

on a first date or getting intimate with someone

anything where ur trying to pay attention -a meeting, school etc

the list goes on and on!

[quote user="Evamarie"]

on a first date


Actually, when I'm pretty low, like under 55, it seriously helps me to hold someone's hand, doesn't really matter who it is.  It just lets me know someone is right there in case anything should happen.  I've held several of my teacher's hands (I'm a senior in high school), my coach's hand, my friend's hand, etc.  So for me, I would just use any low on a first date as an excuse to try and hold that girl's hand.  If I liked her and she liked be back and stuff.

Deffinetly at the gym.

Ive had two occasions recently where I felt myself dropping and I had to stop working out and drive home completly drunk feeling, with snowy roads..Silly me had no sugar with me.
Now I bring gatorade with me everytime =]

Middle of the night... I don't usually want to get up...