What's your.... A1C- bummm bummmmmmm bummmmmmmmmmmm :p

Haha that’s right I’m asking :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just really curious to know what other teens are running. Please don’t be embarrassed- we are all here to help each other. I just think if everyone is honest and says what their a1c is it could really help eachother understand where we stand in “the norm”. I know mine isn’t all that great but it’s much better than it was when I was " too cool for diabetes". It’s an 8 :stuck_out_tongue: I know it sould be like a 6-7 but what r u gunna do ? Haha. If yours is worse don’t worry about it- if you’ve had diabetes for as long as I’ve had it ur bound to have some no no bad wrongs haha. And if u havent had diabetes long ( 3 years or so) maybe you’ve been lucky and kept it normal from the start - either way, be brave :slight_smile: thanks!

my last one was 7.2, so I was pretty pleased with myself abut that, but I get the feeling my next one will be higher... :P


Steadly creaping down. the two before it were both 7.4.

8.1 and working on bringing it down...



I was really upset because for 1 1/4 years I was staying at an a1c of 7.4! But at my last visit it somehow went to being 8.3 and I had like actually no high numbers lately at all! I was convinced it was going to go down! My doctor said they'll retest my a1c in my labs that I had done but I was really upset!

I'm pretty sure it was at 7.1 last time I checked

7.0 :) hahaa Mine were really good suprisingly with all the highs n lows ive been hacing its nuts.. no lie. idk how i did it.


my last one was 6.4, which kind of shocked me, because I thought it would be a lot higher....

I think my next one is going to be high though...

my last one was 7.2 or 7.4...higher than usual but I'm a senior and was in the midst of tons of apps and auditions so I was pretty stressed. it's my goal to start writing down my numbers and making sure that I bolus correctly and 15-20 minutes before i eat.

My last was 6.7 and before that was 6.4 Its hard to keep it under what my endo want it at which is under 7.5 But we always can do better. It take me a while to get were i am not. before i was 14 i was running 400s all the time and than I started doing so much better. and when I want to my endo the next time it was 6.6 I try to write my numbers down and stuff

6.9 :)

5.6! First A1C and super excited!

5.8 :) mine are always right between 5.8 to 6.5


i think mine was 5.0 last time i had an appointment

how do you do that. mine has been over 16 every time

For me it's watching what I eat, exercising daily, maintaining my weight and staying away from fast food restaurants.

T1D December 4th 2010 @17 years old 11 days before my birthday