What's your color?

Hey everyone! I am just wondering what color your pump or your dream pump is???? Mine is Green. I love green. lol. My meter is Green too. Oh yeah what is your meter color????

my meter is boringly blue, but my pump is pink!!! my dream pump would be tye-dye. 

I have a purple insulin pump named Buddy :) My meter is black and I just call it my sugars :)

o i named my pump too!!! its name is Thadeous!!! LOL

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o i named my pump too!!! its name is Thadeous!!! LOL


Thadeous. Very interesting name...I like :)

I have a blue one named murph. My meter is boring silver. No name.

i have a meter with a cool sticker on it. its dark blue, light blue and whits. my pump is purple. they dont have names

IF i end up getting a pump..it better be green. or i dont want it haha. black is cool..but i like the green the best.

my meter is purple. when i get a pump, i want it to be purple :)

my meter is green, and my pump is black

I have had Teal, Black and my latest one is pink. My daughter has purple. I also occasionally buy Skins for them so we can change the look. Right now i have Spongebob on mine. Makes me feel like a kid I guess.

wow. I see alot of different colors. My pump is green as you know and my meter is too. My pumps name is Bobby and my meter is names Michael. I just randomly picked names. I used to have a pink pump and a pink meter. I also had a silver pump and silver meter. They broke though. lol. My dream pump would be ty-dye with peace signs on it! lol. You guys have some pretty cool colors and names! lol.

I have a purple pump......his name is BRUTUS!!!!!!! and i have a boring silver meter, it's name is MIMI!!!!! haha

I have a purple pump and a green one-touch mini meter :)

I have a purple Minimed pump but would love a green one!  My main meter is an UltraSmart, so it's boring but my backup meter is a purple UltraMini.  I do have a green Mini but switched to the purple when I got it, even though it's a totally different purple than my pump.

I chose clear so I could see the insides- the wires and workings (my friends always thought it was cool that I was a cyborg.) I wanted it to match everything but also not have a influence on my mood.

i've had a blue pump and a purple pump. now it's green. i'm hopefully getting a new pump and that one will be pink. my current monitor IS my pump, so that's green too. the last one was purple. all the others have been gray or black.

my pump's name is "pookie" because i found it sarcastically cute. i didn't name my monitor since it's attached to my pump. i guess my monitor would be mini-pook. or pook junior.

i guess invisible...i dont have a pump

For sure, my ideal pump would be to never have one, and just find this cure!

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For sure, my ideal pump would be to never have one, and just find this cure!


That is a really good answer. I have never thought about that!