Whats your favorite A1C?

Hey everyone,

Yes, this is a random question but what is your favorite A1C that you have had?

HEEH thanks!


Favorite? I don't know what you mean? Do you mean the best a1c?

5.9.  That was my favorite!

Mine was 6.5. I loved it. That was like a few months ago too but now it's skyrocketed to 7.5.

Anything below a 7 is fine with me :)


6.1 has been my best a1c. so it is my favorite

My most recent and my most favorite has been 6.3!!! I was so happy! Good question as it brings up the positive in our lives!

My favorite was the one I had a couple of months ago...4.4.

Right now anything below 7.0 would be my favorite a1c. Getting there has been very difficult so, I will not be able to answer this till I hit the below 7 mark LOL

I think my last one was 5.8 … below 6 is good for me now, but once I get on a pump I would like to get lower…