What's Your Favorite Diabetes App?

Hi everyone,

We had a summary today about some of the best iPhone apps for peope with Diabetes. You can check it out here: Top Free Diabetes-Related i-Phone Apps

I was wondering what everyone's favorite apps are -- whether they are paid or free -- and why you like them?



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DexCom Warned by FDA Over Glucose Monitor Wires

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In reference to the Dexcom article... holy crap!  I had not heard anything about this.  That's scary that wire fragments could be left under the skin.  Then I really could become half-robot....

My favorite is livestrong.com! It's awesome. You can log online, iPhone, or blackberry and the database is linked to the Calorie King. The best feature is that you can export all data into an excel spreadsheet for review or to email. I use it when I'm looking at my cgms report to remember what I ate that day or what exercise I did.  Love. It.

I hadn't heard about this either!!  The article also says, "The FDA also told the company to improve warning labels on two products — the Seven and Seven Plus monitoring systems — to warn that they have not been approved for children, adolescents, pregnant women or patients on dialysis."  Had anyone ever heard this before???  I know many, many, many women who've relied on CGM's while pregnant.

Sorry to jack this thread!  Back to favorite Diabetes Apps...

Candace - I was always told, through the buying and training process for the Dexcom, that it's not approved for pregnant women.  But, it's also not approved for use anywhere but the stomach - which obviously people do with no problems.  So, take it as you will.  I also know many who have used CGMs - and specifically, the Dexcom - while pregnant, without issue.

I went on the old dexcom 7 system while pregnant and the local reps ENCOURAGED me to try it and said it would be no problem to insert it in my side. Once, I started having problems with the readings, they blamed ME for using it "off-label" while pregnant. My annoyance was one of the reasons it took me another 2 years to try it again -- I felt like that had been dishonest with me. But, I DO think the 7 plus system is better, so that's another reason I went back on...

Re: the splinters, ACK! I guess it's good to know in case it happens, huh!