Whats your outtake on stem-cell research?

I am So Glad Thee 44th president Barak Obama signed his john hancock lifting that ish on stem-cell research... You know whats so not funny but literally makes me laugh?! The fact that you see so many commercials for breast cancer and other diseases and before anyone jumps to conclusion I'm not saying that breast cancer isn't a severe disease but there is treatment that has been approved to help cancer victims and survivors but so many americans are un aware of one of the worst and fatal diseases. Our disease....does diabetic un-educated people understand how many american's die from what we put up with EVERY single day? You would think that there would have already been so many things approved to help us not just "cope" but potentially makes us semi/completely healthy right? I think that the media should act and treat us and our disease as one that is a silent killer and make Americans aware of us and our diagnosis, how about you? Tell me how you feel? 

I'm a little on the fence here with the effort made to cure juvenile diabetes. This is a question I constant battle with myself; usually my opinion varies from day to day, but here is my take on the situation:

While I do feel juvenile diabetes is one of the lesser advertised diseases, I also feel that all diseases deserve to be cured in the long run. And especially when it comes to cancer, though I sometimes have to work to keep it in mind when I'm feeling cheated by efforts put forth by government, people, etc for a cure, I feel it is slightly more important to be getting those victims help before us. Some of you might not agree with me on this, but that's fine. Half the time even I don't agree with this half of my opinion (the other half being diabetes should get more advertising, period). But isn't it true that when treatment doesn't work for cancer, it is inevitable that the patient dies? When you look at that, then you look at us, it seems like we are all right where we're supposed to be. So long as we take care of ourselves, we're good to go. Don't you think someone who has cancer would trade their disease for ours? To be able to prick their fingers a few times, take some shots, and be relatively OK? I will probably contradict this later (again, I'm on the fence), but I think because cancer, for example, is a more severe disease that doesn't have anything that will make it bearable to continue to live with, like our insulin, we should cure them first. If that means they get more advertising, in a way I feel, so be it. If we can live healthily in the meantime, shouldn't they get the help first when they only have so long to do so?

I have the feeling people won't agree with me. But that's just my opinion. I apologize that it doesn't really answer the post question (my take is: Yay stem cell research!), but this ir more in response to the less-advertising-for-juvenile-diabetes-versus-cancer (for example) comment.

Great post, though :)


i think the same way. at least we can live. at least we dont spend a year in the hospital knowing we might die soon. arent those diseases more important to find a cure for? but i gave it a lot of thought and came to a conclusion. doesnt everyone want their disease to be cured so they can live normaly again? and if they came up with the cure tomorow, and it was offered to me, i probably wouldnt take it because i want a chance to use my pump.

I say, you never know what medical discovery will lead to the next. Maybe curing diabetes helps them to come up with a cure for pancreatic cancer, for example. Or maybe a cure for Type 1 diabetes leads to a cure for Type 2, which then helps to decrease the risk of heart disease...