Wheat and Type 1

I ran across and article on Vitacost regarding a link to wheat and type 1 diabetes.  I thought I'd post it here in case anyone was interested.  I'm not sure how valid it is but I do like to see that people are still looking at the causes of D which will get us closer to understanding it.


I am confused about wheat--keep it or not in our diets--I don't want to tilt the scales of having d in more family members.

Any autoimmune disease, such as Type 1 diabetes, increases the risk of developing another autoimmune disease by approx 10 percent. Celiac disease is one such autoimmune disease, in which you develop an intolerance to wheat products and cannot digest them properly. Unless you have Celiac, I don't think wheat effects anything concerning diabetes. If you do have Celiac, then its a completely different story. :)