When did you deliver?

Just wondering how far along you ladies were when you delivered (if you already have children)? Were you full term or did you deliver early? I hear most diabetics tend to deliver a little early.

I was 38 weeks to the day for both my daughters - the first one induced due to low placental fluid (I don't believe this was diabetes related) and the second one - well, induced because I had had it with low BGs and chasing a 21 month old around.    Both were induced with pitocin and both took 20+ hours to deliver.  


Good to know.  So you were able to push them out though?  My fear is that they will induce me and then only give me a couple hours before they slice me open...

Yes, I delivered naturally. I did end up with an epidural for both after 15

Hours. But no c-section.

OH that is soooo encouraging to hear :)