When do you bolus?

Hey Everyone,

Do you bolus before or after meals??

I uusally bolus after, but I find that if I bolus before it keeps the "high" symptoms away!!

Well, any thoughts????

always before unless I totally forget!  sometimes 15 minutes before.


My rule of thumb is I bolus earlier (15-30 minutes ahead) for simple carbs and at the time I eat for combo or more fat laden meals (extended bolus as needed).  The rule book goes out the window at restaurants, however, as the timing of the food arrival is too suspect.  I have had too many times where I have given insulin for food that arrived WAYYYY late and then I was eating sugar packets off of my (and often many a neighboring) table.  Restaurants, I bolus when the food arrives. 

I hate the highs too and I try to ride the bottom border as often as not but imho if you are going to bolus early, you should be in possession of the food... ;)

As with all things D related, YMMV and you can rest assured I am usually missing something important… LOL



I always bolus before. If you eat a food and don't bolus until afterwards, the food could already be affecting you bloodsugar, especially if it takes a while for you to eat and if it's a fast acting food.

Like A-D, I have had the sugar-eating experience too often to bolus at a restaurant.  Normally, unless I forgot, I bolus twenty minutes before to catch the sugar, which works out well.


I've done the convulsions-in-restaurant thing, and aside from making family members who dislike each other get along (strange occurrence), it's never comfortable or pleasant.

As I go usually, hahah

cuz then i know what all i am eating, and i can always add more...

sometimes i give after a meal...but its much harder to subtract insulin by decreasing basal, although i have done it several times

Thanks everyone!!!

I like bolusing before, definitely!!!

But the Restaurant Rule, totally agree with A-D!!!


I always bolus before. Everyone i have spoken to have told me it's the best way to go. if I end up eating more I just bolus again. If Im eating a particularly scary (aka idk whats really in this) meal I try to check my blood sugar 30/60/90 minutes after. it stinks but it really helps keep my sugar under control 

I bolus either half way through or after, i am supost to bolus before but i forget all the time and most of the time i dont eat all of my meal so if i do bolus before than i only do half then the other half when i am done.

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Hey Everyone,

Do you bolus before or after meals??

I uusally bolus after, but I find that if I bolus before it keeps the "high" symptoms away!!

Well, any thoughts????


Per one of the number one diabetes specialits in the country (H. Peter Chase), he said for my son to bolus 15 minutes before he eats with HALF the insulin and the other half about 30 minutes later. We've been doing that since Oct and it really helps alot. If you are a pump user, using the dual wave setting is fabulous!

I bolus before meals. I try to do it at least 15 minutes prior(30 in the morning), but life doesn't always allow that.

i bolus before then check BG after to make sure i did a good amount. then if my BG is high then i give another bolus.

Hi Isaac,

I think it is great you want to get involved.

I don't live in So Cal, but I do know that the JDRF.org has a lot of volunteer opportunities. 

You could try going to their website, and finding the closest JDRF to you, that's how I found my local chapter. Hope this helps :)

Like she said ^^ you can always look through JDRF

otherwise you can always ask your endo or the nearest ped endo if they have any opportunities

I've found that most of the time they will have volunteer jobs like talking to kids that were newly diagnosed or playing with them


Volunteering is super rewarding and even though you dont get paid, its also good to put on applications (;

Hey Isaac - I'm in the LA area as well.  The JDRF chapter you are looking for is in Colton - I believe that's near you.  Here is the link to that local chapter. http://www.jdrf.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=home.viewPage&page_id=CB6A46C7-4F1B-4CE9-A55E20D283DAFA36  They have a walk coming up on October 3 so I'm sure they can still use volunteers.  If you want something closer to LA, there will be a couple of walks in Oct. and Nov that you would also be able to help with.  

Yea thats what I was looking for thanks Doug!!! and everyone else that helped

cool - glad i could help - good luck!