When does food enter the bloodstream?

I have a technical question for you, because my 8 year old T1 took a few bites of her breakfast (eggo waffle)  swalled a few pieces, was about a minute into it, when we looked at each other and realized she had not taken her premeal bloodsugar.

This happens every once in a great while.  So, she immediately put her fork down and we took her BS- it was 195- so high- then I am in a quandry???  Did the few bites enter her bloodstream and taint her fasting reading??.

I know this might be a ridiculously technical question, but then I wonder should I put in 195 as her morning bloodsugar and give her insulin based on that with her carbs??  that is what I do.

I know this must happen to some of you out there- unless, I hope I am not the only one!!!  I already feel guilty about messing up- I know no one is perfect- it is just soooo frustrating to make mistakes with your kids- and believe me when I do and/or she does, I really try to teach her that no one is perfect and for her to not get stressed out about it too!!  that is alot for an 8 year old to carry on their shoulders.

But, back to question:  what do any of you know about this- and what do you do under those circumstances.

Thanks for your input.


eww egos! =) yum

In in non-diabetic body insulin starts hitting the blood stream before food even hits the tongue! AND Sugar from foods like Egos may hit the blood stream as fast as 15-30 minutes because it is a redicusly high glycemic index food.

Looks like this was closer to a pre meal bloodsugar =) (and luckly, 195 is high for your baby, I wish I was like that again.) You didn't do anything wrong, you're a good mommy!

We've had a couple of time when William ate before testing, or had a snack less than two hours before testing.  In those cases, I've gone ahead and tested to be sure he's not off the chart, but did not give him a correction dose; just enough to cover what he ate/is eating.  I'd rather under-dose him than over-dose him, and I can correct at the next testing/meal.

I know it's tough when you feel like you goofed on your child.  I'm finally starting to relax a little bit.  If I can't get a good BS test because he's been snacking non-stop, then oh well.  We'll try again at the next testing.  As long as he's not going over 300, I'm comfortable letting it go a couple of hours until the next dose.  He's a kid, and our control is not going to be perfect (not by a long shot!).  You're doing great, so try not to fret too much :)


I have done that many times, don't feel bad. You are human!  I read a book that helped me a great deal, Think Like a Pancreas.  It explains in detail how food effects the blood sugar, along with a great deal of other things.  It helped me understand  alot.  We are coming up on our 4th anniversary and still learning and adjusting everyday.